Decklists: Three-Colour “Wedges”

Three Colour – “Wedges”

 White-Black-Red – Kaalia of the Vast Click here for Decklist

Demons and Angels and Dragons, oh my! This is pretty close to the pre-con – I’ve added a few more bits and pieces and took out the bits that were obviously out of place. It’s far from tuned and I have a few ideas for it, but for now it’ll do as a hyper-aggro, but not particularly competitive deck.

Watchlist: Reiver Demon, Death by Dragons, Rakdos Pit Dragon, Morbid Plunder, Blood Clock (actually coming out completely), Land Tax, Vow of Lightning

Wantlist: Rakdos the Defiler, Wrath of God, Random card draw (Sign in Blood, Promise of Power, and so on)

Blue-Red-Green – Animar, Soul of Elements Click here for Decklist

This has the somewhat dubious honour of being the only deck I intentionally built to have an infinite combo in it (although it’s not a great one). It aims to abuse Animar, Cloudstone Curio and/or Tidespout Tyrant and at least two Eldrazi or “free” creatures (Great Whale, Peregrine Drake, and Palinchron) to generate an arbitrarily large Animar or (with the Tyrant) bounce every permanent everyone owns. I built this one to be good and fast and resilient, but with me being me, I couldn’t resist adding a few cute bits and pieces, most notably a few Graft creatures like Cytospawn Shambler and Plaxcaster Frogling, and all the decent Proliferate cards. I feel a bit guilty that there are only 3 red cards in total in this deck (Anger, Urabrask and Avatar of Fury), but I just couldn’t find any other red cards I wanted to put in!

Watchlist: To be named

Wantlist: To be named

Black-Green-White – Doran, the Siege Tower Click here for Decklist

Sing it after me here: “I like. Big. Butts and I cannot lie, All you other brothers can’t deny…” This started out as a “toughness matters” deck, and it went ok, with a bit of a Treefolk sub-theme, but it had issues dealing with Other Peoples Permanents (You down with O.P.P? Yeah, you know me…) I sent it off to Thaumaturge of The Command Zone fame, and he very kindly reworked it, while still keeping to my original theme. I’ve just finished rebuilding it, and will give it a whirl Real Soon Now(tm) – stay tuned for a game report!

OUT: Leyline of Vitality, Solar Tide, Manalith, Ohran Viper, Solidarity, Pestilence

IN: Leaf-Crowned Elder, Magnigoth Treefolk, Crib Swap, Unstoppable Ash, Wave of Reckoning, Asceticism

Red-White-Blue – Zedruu the Greathearted Click here for Decklist

Another deck, like Kaalia, which is a modified pre-con rather than my own deck. This one is very low on win conditions (it has 2, three if you count Rite of Replication) and it really needs to be built properly. The decklist is correct as of now, but this one is pretty high on my list of decks to fix.

Watchlist: Too many to list, but about 10-20 cards

Wantlist: Not entirely sure yet. NOT going to be instant lose comboes like Thought Lash

Green-Blue-Black – Damia, Sage of Stone Click here for Decklist

I had real trouble with this list – most of my generals I picked because they naturally suggested a deck type but in Damia’s case, she just refills your hand, which although insanely handy, doens’t immediately suggest a specific deck. I threw Psychosis Crawler in here because hey, I’ll be drawing a lot of cards, right? After a bit more of a think (detailed in posts on this blog, here, here, and here) I came to the idea of simply putting in cards that are cheap but can have a big effect, or cards which let me dump cards out of my hand as an alternate cost or to have some effect. The deck works pretty well, but it has way too many irrelevant 1/1’s and 2/2’s and will be overhauled sometime shortly.

Watchlist: Birds of Paradise, Elves of Deep Shadow, Llanowar Elves, Gatstaf Shepherd, Dreamscape Artist, Villagers of Estwald, Psychic Posession, Durkwood Baloth, Herald of Leshrac

Wantlist: Commandeer, Not entirely sure but some more “Discard a card” activiated abilities or “pitch” spells


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