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Commander 2013 – good, better, best?

Much like General Damage Control, (who coincidentally have just made a very similar post to this one…) there’s nothing I like more than to complain how Wizards has dropped the ball on one thing or another, or how certain decks/cards/players are unfun or whatever.

So, here goes my list of complaints about the upcoming Commander 2013 product:

  1. Oversized Generals. A complete waste of cardboard.
  2. It’s not out yet. Why is it not out yet?
  3. Uh…….

I think this one is going to fit firmly in the “credit where credit’s due” camp. This product looks FANTASTIC. I cannot wait to get my hands on these things (and at MSRP too, thanks to my very FLGS*!)

So, for each deck I’m going to highlight my favourite new card, favourite reprinted card and (because I like to complain) my “what the hell is that in there for?”. And because I have not much of the self control, there’ll no doubt be a few honourable mentions too…

Let’s get to it!

Eternal Bargain (aka Esper, WUB)

New Card Hotness: Act of Authority

Oblivion Ring on steroids, it took me a couple of reads of this before I figured out it doesn’t have the “when Act of Authority leaves the battlefield” or “for as long as Act of Authority is on the battlefield” clause. At worst, this is a 3 mana exile spell. More than likely you’ll get to exile two things and the new owner will (possibly) exile Act of Authority, or they will continue the chain and exile something else for you. I’m very keen on this for my Zedruu deck (since it gives itself away) and also for my Kitsune Mystic enchantment deck (although it’s quite good against my Kitsune Mystic enchantment deck, so maybe not…). A very, very cool multiplayer effect, and (in my humble opinion) EDH Politics Done Right.

Old Card Sexiness: Lim Dûl’s Vault

Hands down. Every time I read that card I’m like “no way can it do all that for only 2 mana, and at instant speed!” Yet, here we are. I’ve often thought of picking one of these up and throwing it in a deck just for the sheer awesomeness of it. To be honest I’m not sure where it will go (my only U/B decks at the moment are Garza Zol/soon-to-be-Jeleva, and Damia) but I’m certain it’ll find a home.

Honourable Mention: Spinal Embrace. Creepiest. Art. Ever. And a hell of a combat trick.

Say What?!?

I really want to complain about Transguild Promenade in here. It’s a land that will never see play, ever… it puts you back two land on the turn you play it, even if it’s all things to all people after that. However, the fact that that’s pretty much the only card in here that is outright bad (Wall of Reverence? Marrow Bats? Not so bad in this deck) says a lot about how good this one is. Well played WotC, well played.

Nature of the Beast (aka Naya, RGW)

That New Card Smell: Tempt With Discovery

To be honest I struggled with this one – all the new cards in this deck are pretty good (and I know a lot of people are going ga-ga over Marath) but I’m just not excited about any of them. I like this (and the rest of the “Tempt with” cycle) as a MUCH MUCH MUCH better idea than Join Forces, and this one in particular; at worst it’s the non land-destruction version of Reap and Sow and at best you get 3 or 4 lands out (any land, and untapped!) while other people search out their Urborg or Cradle or Strip Mine or whatever. I like.

That Old Card Nostalgia: Eternal Dragon (NOW WITH NEW ART)

And ain’t it sexy? I only have one Eternal Dragon and it’s in my Mayael deck; somehow I managed to get a Japanese one and it’ll be nice to get my hands on an English version. Plus I love that art!

Honourable Mention: Wrath of God. The one, the only, when everything must die at bargain basement prices. Accept no substitutes.

Huh?: Tower of Fortunes

I get that this deck is (reasonably..) low on card draw, but this seems out of place. The only mana acceleration I can spot is Cultivate and the Tempter, above – there’s lots of landcycling and Sprouting Vines, but they don’t actually accelerate you any. The Tower is ridiculously expensive and comes right at the time when you’d want to be landing Big Huge Creatures, not something that you have to sink 12 mana into to get four cards. A real head scratcher, for me.

Power Hungry (aka Jund, BRG)

Hot New Thing: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher

Prossh has the honour of being the only General on the front of the box to make this list (although it’s very close in UBR’s case, see below). Having said that, he’s not going to be at the head of any of my decks; he is however going straight into my Sek’Kuar deck as a source of multiple creatures and a free sac outlet. He will (in all likelihood) only ever make 6 Kobolds, but a 5/5 flyer with six little sacrificial buddies isn’t exactly a bad deal. I like me some Dragons and this guy is pretty cool, even if he’s not exactly the most powerful Angry Red Flier ever printed.

Honourable Mention: Fell Shepherd. This guy is going to be reasonably insane in my Savra deck.

Old Flame(s): Waaaay too many to choose from

But I’m going to go with Goblin Sharpshooter. I’ve been after one of these for a really long time and getting him in a modern border is just icing to go on the pew-pew-pew cake. He’ll be going into my BR Wort deck when I build it but for now he can also go into Sek’Kuar, a deck where the untap potential of this guy is just this side of (does the math) lots and lots.

Honourable Mentions: Hoo boy. Endless Cockroaches, Hua Tuo, Foster, Goblin Bombardment, Night Soil in a new border, Reincarnation (in a new border and with fixed wording) and Tooth and Claw. This one’s a doozy! Also a big shout out to Silklash Spider who may be my favourite green creature ever.

I don’t geddit: Hunted Troll

Sure I get the appeal of an undercosted beater and in multiplayer you can give the Faeries to a friend, but compared to the rest of this deck he seems to be in here for no really good reason. I guess the same could be said for Jund Charm too – none of it’s modes are particularly relevant to the game plan, and it seems like it’s in here because it’s the right colours. These are, however, small concerns.

Mind Seize (aka Grixis, UBR)

This deck is weird. It doesn’t seem to have a plan. All the rest clearly do but this one seems to be a strange, clunky combination of stall, card draw and creature kill. Does it want to win with Jeleva exiling everyone’s libraries? Is it a mill deck? Does it want the opponents to die of old age? I have no idea.

New and Improved: Nekusar, the Mindrazer

The star of my last post, and the reason I started posting again. This guy is going to vastly improve my Nin, the Pain Artist deck by taking over as General. Perfect fit for what I want that deck to do, which is make my opponents draw cards and punish them for it (what some people call “Group Slug” as opposed to “Group Hug”). Windmill slam, get-out-of-my-thoughts, perfect strike.

Old and Reliable: Strategic Planning

Looking at this decklist, it’s by far the one I’m the least excited about. The only other card I’m really excited to see in here is Decree of Pain in modern border for the first time (no, I do not count Commander’s so-called Arsenal). Seeing the Portal Reprint in here is pretty cool, and seeing three cards while stocking your graveyard (even in blue) is pretty good.

Dazed and Confused: Most of the rest of the deck…

But especially Vampire Nighthawk. Not sure what this guy is supposed to achieve…. also I get why Arcane Melee is in there, but Arcane Melee and Cruel Ultimatum are not BFF’s. Or Grixis Charm. Or Crosis’s Charm.

Evasive Maneuvers (aka Bant GWU)

New!: Djinn of Infinite Deceits

This is pretty much exactly the kind of creature I’m looking for for my Zedruu deck. A big flying wall that not only gives stuff away, but takes yours at the same time. This deck has a lot of very good cards, but I’m not that interested in good cards… Angel of Finality, Restore, and Unexpectedly Absent will all see actual play, but it’s the big janky flyer that intrigues me.

Old!: Lu Xun, Scholar General

Another portal card that I would never be able to get my hands on (and I live in one of the few parts of the world that Portal Three Kingdoms was actually available, albeit before I was playing), this guy is going straight into my Edric deck.

Honourable Mentions: Karmic Guide, Mirror Entity, Rubinia Soulsinger (in a new frame with very nice new art), and Thousand-Year Elixir, which for some reason is still a $5 card. Oh, and Borrowing 100,000 Arrows, even if only for the name.

Bad!: Leonin Bladetrap

The number of times this is going to be relevant is on the conservative side of 1. Bad, bad card.

Well, that’s more than enough from me. What are you looking forward to? What don’t you like? Hit me up in the comments!

*That’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, and Friendly Local Game Store, in case you were wondering
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Getting back on the EDH Bandwagon

Hi folks,

That’s right, it’s me! After a somewhat long hiatus, I’ve decided that it’s time I started my particular brand of whining on the internet again. This here post here is going to be a mishmash of stuff I’ve nearly posted but haven’t, after which I’m gonna try my best to get more content out there. After all, my voice is important, right? Of course it is. So without further ado, on to the Wisdom!

Return To Ravnica: Pre-Release

I loved me some Ravnica block. It was the first successful block that was released while I was running my game store (I opened during Fifth Dawn. Then came Kamigawa Block. Ugh…) As a result I have a real soft spot for Ravnica, and have resolved (and so far, succeeded!) to participate in every draft I can, just like the good ol’ days. However, that’s getting ahead of myself a bit. First, there was the pre-re! I signed up for all 5 pods that our LGS had set up; the first kicked off at midnight on the Fri night, so given our timezone (GMT +13, in New Zealand) it was entirely possible that we were one of the first people in the world to (legally) crack into the cardboard. Can I just say here that the “guild booster” was an inspired idea, and one that worked pretty awesomely well all weekend (apart from that one time when I was Selesnya, and… well.. it’s the worst pool I’ve ever opened. But it happens). I was randomly assigned guilds, but got all 5 over the weekend.

My first guild was Rakdos. And boy did it smash face! I went 3-1 (all our pods were 4 rounds, in order to save a bit on time) and the match I lost was against another Rakdos player. I kid you not, this was how Game 1 went:

And this was game 2:

Smashed ’em bro!

Ah well. Over the course of the weekend I went 3-1 (Rakdos), 1-3 (Selesnya, with the worst pool you… ah never mind), 3-1 (Golgari), 1-3 (Azorious), 2-2 (Izzet). My Azorious deck was fragile but conditionally good, while my Izzet pool could have been explosive but instead resolved to colour screw me. What really annoyed me was in my 36-odd packs I got one Shockland (my fifth Steam Vents) and no Guild Legends at all. (Obligatory sob story: I’m opening my Izzet box, and the guy across the table from me – who got the very next Izzet box – goes “Hey! Foil Overgrown Tomb! And Steam Vents in the same pack! And oh hey, Hallowed Fountain in this one!” FML….)

All in all I had a blast at this event, and will be doing the same come Gatecrash. Come on, Simic!!!

Return to Ravnica: Draft

With two drafts in the books, how’m I doing? Well, I 0-3’d the first one with what I thought was a fairly solid G/B/w deck… although I opened a Jace in Pack 3, so not complaining too hard. Then I went 2-1 in the second with a very solid G/B deck, which people kept gifting me cards for. I got a Golgari Guildgate LAST PICK in pack two. That’s not right, right? I really want to pick up some other cards, but people keep passing these Golgari things to me. Everyone’s in love with U/W skies or U/R Burn or G/W populate it seems. Having a bunch of 2/2’s isn’t that bad people. Oh and a pro-tip – the 3/4 Hexproof Rhino guys are REALLY good if you have a lot of scavenge 😉

EDH Bannings

(Yep, it really has been that long since I’ve posted…)

– Worldfire: Can’t get behind this one quickly enough. If this is what WotC think Commander players want, they are waaaay out of touch (see next rant…) I’m glad the RC jumped on this one. Nothing says anti-social like “I don’t give a flying f**k what’s happened so far. I’m gonna nuke you all back to the stone age.”

Primeval Titan: OK so I can see why they did it, but I’m not sure the combination of ubiquity + power was enough to actually bring the hammer down on this guy. Sure, in our playgroup we don’t abuse him as much as we can, but even for those who do, the argument “the game revolved around him” doesn’t really hold any water for me. I only got my hands on three of these (they were in Damia, Animar, and Mayael) so I’m not too disappointed but I don’t think it deserved the banhammer. Ah well.

+ Kokusho, the Evening Star: Love it. Love everything about it. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. I ordered a couple before the announcement hoping Koko was going to come off the list. Huzzah! The reasons why Kokusho deserved to come off the list have long been debated everywhere so I won’t go through it again, but I will sum up with: Other creatures have caught up. Not as format defining as she was previously. (She? Really? How do you tell?)

So now they just need to unban Protean Hulk, and I’ll be happy. (Yes, combo. Yes, broken. They unbanned Worldgorger Dragon, and it’s not exactly causing any problems.)

Commander: Arsenal (aka The Arse)

Hoo boy. After my last post on this subject (see here), and several other people adding their much better formed arguments (samples here, here, and here), and pretty much everywhere that talks about EDH (especially mtgcommander and mtgsalvation) I don’t think there’s a lot to say about this one. It’s a huge miss, as far as I’m concerned, and the cards in it will simply push the prices up beyond what the average EDH’er can afford. As it turns out, that’s what they were going for; this from Mark Rosewaters blog (Now called BlogAtog, previously Tales from The Pit):

sentancedtosaturnus asked: What was it about the original Commander Pre-Cons that made you (I know it wasn’t you) decide that a “luxury product” was a good follow up? Usually when a car dealership sells out of a affordable mid-sized sedan, they don’t respond by ordering Luxury car. I have faith in Wizards and I know there has to be better reasoning than that in the case of Commanders Arsenal. Was there some need to use an all-foil product due to printing arrangements or something else that we don’t know?

Commander came out last year. It was a huge success. We realized it should be something we do every year, but due to our lead times the quickest we could get it out was 2013. So we decided to make a smaller product that could be made much quicker.

Due to the much shortened lead time, we made a product capable of being made in the time allotted. That product couldn’t have a lot of cards which greatly limited our options. We made a list of items that we could make and a luxury items for high-end Commander players who like to “bling” out their deck was picked.

I understand that a lot of Commander players want more cards for Commander. We’re making that product – as something annual even – but that’s not what Commander’s Arsenal is. The product you want is coming out just not until next year.

Here’s hoping next year’s product is the same price as the original pre-cons (or close), and at a much, MUCH higher print run…

In the interests of full disclosure; I am currently on the waiting list for one of these; mostly because it does have cards I want, and also (and most importantly) our very FLGS is selling it for retail (well, NZ retail) prices. That doesn’t make the product any better, and it’s still a significant (but obviously cost-effective) outlay for me that will curtail my Magic budget for quite some time.

Deck Updates

I have not been sitting idly by these last few weeks  – most of my decks have been through a little rebuilding process, especially considering the release of Return to Ravnica. (Although having said that, my Nin, Tolsimir and Isperia decks haven’t picked much up. Savra got a bunch of new cards though – 12 in all – and that’s without the Jarad that I haven’t manage to trade for yet). When I run out of things to complain about – which probably won’t be for a while – I’ll run through a detailed analysis of one of my decks. This is where you (the four of you that still read this) come in – there’s a poll! Vote for which one of my decks you’d like to know more about. I’ve limited the options somewhat, as the decks below are the ones I want to talk about 😉 ) So without further mucking around – if I were to talk about a deck, which one would you like to hear about?

Welp, that’s all from me for now – I’ll be back (this time I mean it….)

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Arsenal: Really?

The Commander intro decks that were produced last year performed so far above expectations that Wizards of the Coast decided that the Commander format was here to stay (duh), and that they would support the format by releasing Commander specific products every single year.

And there was much rejoicing

“But,” Wizards said, “we work so far in advance that we can’t do that this year. So instead, we’re going to release… The Commander’s Arsenal.” And I quote from Mark Rosewater at San Diego Comic Con:

“So what is Commander’s Arsenal? The best way to describe it is a treasure trove of Commander Goodies” … “If you’re a Commander player, lots of goodies for you.”

And there was cautious optimism.

A little while ago, the nature contents of the “Arsenal” were revealed:

  • 18 premium foil cards
  • 10 oversized premium foil cards
  • 120 UltraPro foil card sleeves
  • 20 double-sided Battle Marks (+ and –)
  • A life counter that goes up to 99

So far we know there is a Sylvan Library, a THE Mimeoplasm, and an oversized Azusa, Lost but Seeking. It also appears there’s going to be a Command Tower (althought that’s unconfirmed)

Some thoughts:

  • “premium foil”? I thought “premium” and “foil” were the same thing – c.f Super Secret Tech? If not, I assume it means the foiling process will be similar to the Premium Deck Series ones and not the standard foil.
  • Oversized cards. What a waste of cardboard. I have the oversized cards from the Commander decks. I don’t use them. I have oversized cards from the AVR pre-release. I don’t use them. PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE STUPID THINGS
  • 120 card sleeves. Well, I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s because prints runs are done in lots of 60 and they put in two packs. A less charitable person would say “You know how many cards in in a Commander deck, right?”
  • What The Fuck is a “Battle Mark”?!? Not Battle Marker, mind you…. Battle Mark is a cut and paste direct from the Wizards website. It’s a double sided counter with “+” and “-” on it. I cannot see a use for these, given that if you play with +1/+1 or -1/-1 counters you already use something….
  • Life counter. Different. Ugly, but different. I can see the use for this.
  • 18 (usable) cards. 18. That isn’t what I’d call an Arsenal. That’s less than a 21 gun salute, and I don’t think anyone would call that an arsenal. I was expecting much much more in this than 18 cards. Ah well, if it’s the same price as the precons (which were, need I remind you, 100 cards) then I can deal with that, I guess. Seems like not much for the money though.
  • Wait, it’s $75 freaking dollars? HOLY SHIT SON WHAT THE FUCK. Actually, by the time it gets to my sleepy little shores, I’m told by my FLGS that it’ll “probably be around $100”.


Way to drop the ball Wizards. You have proved that you are willing and able to provide an ENTIRE DECK to us for half this price. You’re giving us 20% of a deck, plus a bunch of stuff we don’t want and didn’t ask for, for 200% of the price.

What really pisses me off about this is if it sits on shelves and Wizards then thinks “oh maybe Commander isn’t as popular as we thought; we’ll cancel the yearly release idea.”…. That thought scares me.

Hey Wizards: We want cards. We don’t want undersized wallpaper. We don’t want counters of negligible worth or use. We don’t (necessarily) need more sleeves. And we sure as fuck don’t want to pay twice the price of the premium deck series – something that was cancelled because it wasn’t selling – for 18 freaking playables.

The hell.


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There was a post here…. but I eated it

My apologies to all three (maybe I’m up to 5 now) of you who clock in regularly – I didn’t post this weekend and for that I am eternally sorry. I’ve drafted up a post or two, but in each case they’ve spiralled off into a hate-filled tangent that doesn’t deserve to see the light of day.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion “screw it, I can handle the vitriol” so one of these days soon I’ll probably just post the damn thing and ride the wave of comments which will no doubt come. It’s on an issue I find central and pivotal to my enjoyment of the format, and I’m not blindfolded enough to think that my view is the One True Way™, but so far I get as far as typing “You’re doing it WRONG” before I realise that I’ve probably gone too far.

So, to end this ramble before I lose all viewership completely; there’s something coming, and it may well affect who plays with me in the future. If so, so be it. If not, well, maybe it’ll do some good. Who knows!? Although I haven’t set out with the express purpose of challenging the accepted norms of EDH like certain other bloggers claim to do (DJ, looking at you here), my next post here does just that. I’ll be putting some pretty big disclaimers on it beginning and end, but nevertheless I think feathers will be ruffled. Stay tuned, the ride’s gettin’ rough 😉


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Deck Building Exercise – The Marvellous Madam Nin

So finally we get to what I plan to actually use this blog for – discussion (well, it’s only a discussion if I get comments… hint hint!) on the building of future decks. As you can plainly see from the title, this time it’s Nin, the Pain Artist. Let’s have a look at her:

(image from, and presumably (c) Wizards of the Coast Gatherer search engine)

Well, we can tell straight away this isn’t a deck that’s reliant on the General getting through for the big damages. Despite stories around my playgroup of Kiku, Night’s Flower or Azusa, Lost but Seeking getting there for 21, a point at a time, this won’t be the focus of this deck. Nin is pleasantly cheap though (not like that 😉 ), and so will hopefully be having an effect on the board from as early as turn 2. Neither is her type particularly relevant; as much as I love tribal decks, this isn’t going to be a Vedalken or Wizard deck (although there may be a card or two that interact with those types). No, I chose this general because of her activated ability. As someone somewhere on the internets said, it turns every creature on the board into a Stroke of Genius. But how to break this? Can it be broken? Of course it can… there are some bits and pieces around this ability which aren’t immediately apparent:

 – The creature doesn’t have to die, to draw the cards
 – You can deal more damage to the creature than it has toughness, and get more cards out of it
 – Drawing cards can be a bad bad thing….

With those not-very-stunning revelations in mind, this is how I decided to build the deck:

1. Have a smattering of indestructible creatures of my own that I can ping to get cards
2. Make big amounts of mana to make a player (could be me, could be someone else) draw a ton of cards
3. Punish my opponents for drawing cards
4. Punish my opponents for me drawing cards
5. With a side order of “make sure my hand size is unlimited”

How to accomplish these things? Well, lets go through them in order

1. Indestructible Creatures to Target

When it comes to indesctructible creatures (in red and blue) the choice is actually pretty limited. We have:

 – Blightsteel and Darksteel Colossi: Too expensive
 – Creepy and Stuffy Doll: Definite potential, esp since Stuffy Doll helps me to kill somone deader than a doornail.
 – Darksteel Gargoyle, Juggernaut, Myr, and Sentinel: The only one I’d consider here is Darksteel Sentinel; the others don’t do enough (in my opinion) for their cost
 – Manor Gargoyle: This guy is interesting. He’s indestructible when you want it to be, and gets in there for 4 when you need him to.
 – Myojin of Infinite Rage: I don’t do mass land destruction. Pass.
 – Myojin of Infinite Drawing: This, on the other hand, is an absolute shoe-in.
 – Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre: See Collosi.

So from that list, I think I’m going to end up with Creepy Doll, Stuffy Doll, Manor Gargoyle, Myojin of Seeing Winds, and maybe Darksteel Sentinel. The only problem with that plan is that of those, I only own a Darksteel Sentinel. To the trading post! In the meantime, I’m going to run Sentinel, Darksteel Myr, and Darksteel Brute (not even a creature, really)

2. Make mana, for making the damage, for drawing the cards.

There are some very interesting one-shot effects in red which can net you a TON of mana. The two that fit into this deck particularly well are Mana Geyser (which, really, goes in any red multiplayer deck. This card is sick) and Inner Fire, which is usually not very good but in this deck could be fantastic. There’s also Koth of the Hammer, and Mana Seism, although that’s a pretty risky proposition. Blue gets, ah, shafted in the fast/lots of mana category. Other random thoughts on what should go in here:

 – Izzet Signet (Is It??!)
 – Dreamstone Hedron
 – Journeyer’s Kite
 – Darksteel Ingot
 – Gilded Lotus
 – Some variety of lands which tap for the manas (pity there’s no R/U storage land, but)
 – Braid of Fire. Yes, really. Now that the mana disappears in the upkeep, right after you’ve paid for it, I have to do it before I draw for the turn, but what else am I going to do with 1,342 mana in my upkeep? Besides, with no mana burn any more, this card is pure upside.

3. You drew cards! You’ve fallen into my trap!

Runeflare Trap, that is! Cards that perform a similar role:

 – Sudden Impact
 – Gaze of Adamaro (aka Sudden Impact mk II)
 – Cerebral Vortex
 – Molten Psyche
 – Adamaro, First to Desire (I’ve been looking for a deck for this guy for AGES)

4. You let me draw cards? What were you thinking?!

Simply letting me draw cards in the first place is a bad idea, but when I have these bad boys in play, you’re in for a world of hurtin’….

 – Sokenzen Spellblade (read his non-Bushido ability. Then read it again. Now imagine I’ve activated it four times. How much damage do you think you’re taking?)
 – Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
 – Psychosis Crawler

5. You know what they say about people with big hands…

Pretty standard set here, there aren’t many options and they all fit into this deck

 – Library of Leng
 – Reliquary Tower
 – Venser’s Journal
 – Spellbook (I’ll probably leave this one out)
 – Graceful Adept

 Other Stuff

Ill need a bunch of other stuff as well; burn spells, counters, creatures, recursion, bounce (having a dead opponent makes Stuffy Doll a sad little toy), and so on. A few thoughts I’ve had in regards to other bits ‘n pieces:

 – Looks like I’ll have a few wizards scattered through here, and I happen to have a Riptide Laboratory. Might throw it in here to see how well it works.
 – Nin’s a bit fragile, so Greaves/Boots/Helm (or combination thereof) should go in too
 – More draw spells. I don’t own either Stroke of Genius or Blue Sun’s Zenith, but will try to trade for some. In the meantime things like Jace’s Ingenuity, Concentrate, maybe Whispers of the Muse? Maybe Think Twice? When you start really looking, there’s an awful lot of blue spells that don’t actually use the word “draw” on them! Suggestions on the back of an envelope please, or in the comments section below
 – Thousand-Year Elixir, for the lols.
 – Random burn spells. Since I’m gonna be makin’ the mad mana, I think X spells will work ok in here. I’m particularly partial to Molten Disaster, Comet Storm, Demonfire, Banefire and Red Sun’s Zenith. Any other suggestions for decent burn spells?
 – Counters. I’ll probably start with my “standard” package of Hinder, Dream Fracture, Faerie Trickery and Draining Whelk. To add to that, Overwhelming Intellect obviously goes in this deck

Season to taste, and you’ve got yourself a Nin deck. What do you all (both of you 😉 ) think?


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The Deck Building Challenge of DOOM! Pt 1: The Challenge of Doom

So I play a fair bit of EDH. I have somewhere in the region of 20,000 magic cards (most of them awful, naturally). I decided one day “wouldn’t it be great if I took all these cards and put them into decks?”

I had already made a Mayael the Anima EDH deck, so I decided to do the only logical thing; make one deck of every possible colour combination. There are 27 of them, for those of you counting at home (since there are no four-colour legends…. yet!)

These are the decks I have built so far:


White: Kitsune Mystic (yes, this is not legendary. My playgroup OK’ed it, and I have Rune-Tail in the deck which I can pull out if anyone seriously objects)
Red: Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
Green: Omnath, Locus of Mana

Allied Two-Colour

Green-White: Tolsimir Wolfblood
White-Blue: Isperia the Inscrutable

Enemy Two-Colour

Black-White: Ghost Council of Orzhova
Black-Green: Savra, Queen of the Golgari

Shard (Three allied colours)

Red-Green-White: Mayael the Anima

Wedge (Two Allied colours and a shared enemy)

White-Blue-Red: Zedruu, the Greathearted
Black-Red-White: Kaalia of the Vast
Red-Green-Blue: Animar, Soul of Elements
Green-White-Black: Doran, the Siege Tower

Over the next little while I’ll be putting links to these decklists up, using the excellent deck analysis tool. I highly recommend this, it’s fantastically easy to use and very useful!

What about the rest, you clamour?! Don’t leave us in the lurch, you say! Well all right then:

As-Yet Unbuilt Decks


Black: Geth, Lord of the Vault
Blue: Ixidor, Reality Sculptor (or Patron of the Moon. Or possibly Mistform Ultimus tribal everything Voltron)

Allied Two-Colour

Blue-Black: Ramses Overdark
Black-Red: Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
Red-Green: Radha, Heir to Keld

Enemy Two-Colour

Blue-Red: Nin, the Pain Artist (this is the next deck I’m building)
Red-White: Razia, Boros Archangel
Green-Blue: Edric, Spymaster of Trest


White-Blue-Black: Merieke Ri Berit
Blue-Black-Red: Garza Zol, Plague Queen
Black-Red-Green: Sek’Kuar, Deathkeeper
Green-White-Blue: Rafiq of the Many


Blue-Black-Green: Damia, Sage of Stone


No Colours: Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
Five Colour: Scion of the Ur-Dragon

None of these choices are really locked in stone, but I don’t want to play “another <insert overused general here> deck” either (which is to say, no I’m not going to make Karn, Silver G0lem my colourless general. Boring!!) If you have any suggestions, post in the comments section, especially for Mono-blue (which I haven’t decided on yet) and GWU, which is the “everyone is running him” Rafiq….

But wait, that’s not all! There’ll be two super bonus EXTRA decks! Mostly because they’ve sprung me fancy 🙂

Konda, Lord of Eiganjo (no creatures in the 99, all general damage), and
Child of Alara, 98 Lands + Life from the Loam (no, it won’t be really, but I aim to have between 70 and 80 lands in the deck)

So there we are. 29 decks later, and I hope to be playing some cards people have never even thought about considering before 🙂 I’ll start posting links to decklists and the strategies and theories behind the decks, sometime in the future! Stay tuned, gentle reader!

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