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Game the second: Doran, the Siege Tower

After the success of the first game I was keen to have another with Doran. We shuffled up and got down to it.

The Decks: Doran, (my) Tolsimir, (my) Ghost Council, Progenitus Tokens

One the first turn, I play Forbidding Watchtower, Tolsimir lays down a Skullclamp but nothing much else goes on. Turn 2 and Ghost Council plays Serra Ascendant, placing himself clearly as Target Number One. On my next turn I Lignify the Ascendant. Next turn I play Doran, then on his turn the Ghost Council player swings into me with the Lignfied Ascendant. I can’t figure out exactly what’s going on – because it’s my deck I know he has no pumping combat tricks – so I block with Doran, and he plays Graceful Reprieve, essentially getting his Ascendant back. Well played sir!

The next turn I plainscycle a Noble Templar to get my Godless Shrine, drop it and activate the Watchtower from turn 1, crashing into Progenitus with Doran and the land, since the 6/6 lifelinking Ascendant is too big for me to handle.  Nothing too much of note happens, although Progenitus drops a Perilous Forays (which, by the end of the game has pulled most of the land out of his deck and was in no small part responisble for the result – it’s the first time I’ve seen it working well, and someone should probably have dealt to it before they did).

Turn 6 and I play Indomitable Ancients and Bojuka Bog (exiling Ghost Councils graveyard, as it’s the only deck with any serious graveyard shenanigans) and crack into him, since he’s been attacking with the Ascendant and has a life total in the 50’s. Tolsimir finally joins the game with a Rampaging Baloths (apparently their starting was mostly land), and Progenitus adds a Dauntless Escort to his otherwise creatureless board. On the next turn I draw one of the new additions to the deck – Sword of Light and Shadow. I attempt to equip it to Doran, but Ghost Council has the Swords to Plowshares in response (oh the irony!). Tolsimir draws a bunch of cards the next turn by playing and flashing back Chatter of the Squirrel, and clamping the tokens created, but otherwise doesn’t do anything. Ghost Council adds a Weathered Wayfarer and continues to fly over dealing the damage and gaining the life. Progenitus adds to his board with Symbiotic Wurm and Claws of Gix – bit of a combo there in itself!

Getting into the business end of the game, turn 8 sees me play Spidersilk Armor, equipping the SoLS to my Indomitable Ancients, and neatly bypassing Ghost Council’s defences to gain a bit of life and return… hey, there’s a Noble Templar in my graveyard. That seems… good 🙂 Pro tip:

Sword of Light and Shadow and Noble Templar is happy good times. Also good with (as Thaumaturge points out in my last post) Evoke creatures, Transmute creatures and any cycler – imagine the damage you could do with Sword and Krosan Tusker! drools…

Tolsimir plays a land, getting another beast from Rampaging Baloths, and plays Faith’s Fetters on the still-alive Ascendant. Ghost Council plays his general, and Progenitus adds a Juniper Order Ranger, which rings alarm bells for me.

Turn 9 I play Doran, plainscycle the Templar, crash in to Ghost Council with the Ancients (now for 13!), and return the Templar again. Tolsimir plays her General plus Leyline of the Meek. Ghost Council, apparently not very happy about the pro-versus-his-deck Sword, Corrupts Doran, which I let go to the graveyard. Progentius quietly adds Eldrazi Monument to his board. Hrm.

The next turn, I cast Karador for cheap(ish), then use his ability to recast Doran from my graveyard. I smash into Ghost Council again – because of the Claws of Gix or Perilous Forays, I can’t profitably attack into Progenitus – and return Templar again to my hand. Tolsimir, on 22, casts… Storm Herd, adding 66 power of fliers to the board. The writing seems to be on the wall! Ghost Council plays Pupeteer Clique, grabbing the Symbiotic Wurm in Progenitus’ graveyard, sacrificing it immediately to Ghost Council to get himself some (ground-bound) blockers. Progenitus sacrifices one of his insects to Eldrazi Monument, then casts HIS general.

I have two choices at this point; Solar Tide for creatures power 3+, or Wrath of God. After a bit of deliberation, I choose the Solar Tide, which kills all of Tolsimir’s creatures (the Pegasi are 3/3’s due to Tolsimir and Leyline), Juniper Order Ranger and Progenitus. It leaves a bunch of Insect Tokens, and my Doran but kills my Indomitable Ancients due to the Sword pump. Tolsimir plays Seed Spark, destroying the Monument, and then Regal Force, drawing 3. Ghost Council kills Doran AGAIN, this time with Profane Command. Progenitus plays Vish Kal.

I decide I should have Wrath’ed, and do so, killing off all the other creatures. Vish Kal (and his insect friends) and Ghost Council (and HIS insect friends) have a beetle bottle stack battle, which I think Ghost Council wins in the end, and so comes back into play when I pass the turn, after playing Orchard Warden. Tolsimir, who I believe is on 5 at this point, casts a Soul Warden and Coat of Arms. Progenitus casts Living Hive and Windbrisk Raptor.

Turn 13, and I cast Doran for the fourth time this game – third from the command zone. Tolsimir casts Marshal’s Anthem, kicked twice for Regal Force and Rampaging Baloths. Ghost Council for the second turn in a row does nothing, and Progenitus rewards that by getting in with his Living Hive – making 6 6/6 insects thanks to Tolsimir’s Coat of Arms.He recasts Progenitus, and adds a Necrogenesis.

Next turn I play True Conviction, but I still only have Doran (and almost no cards in hand) so pass the turn without attacking. Tolsimir, looking increasingly dangerous, casts her own Symbiotic Wurm and Perilous Forays. She equips the Skullclamp (from turn 1!) to the Wurm and chucks it into the Perilous Forays. (For those of you keeping track at home; that’s 10 creatures and 10 life from Soul Warden this turn – a Beast from land drop, the Wurm, the seven little wurms, and the extra beast from the Forays land). Ghost Council, thankfully, has a Vindicate for the Coat of Arms before things get too wacky (for wacky, see: Dead). Progenitus plays Aura Shards, and starts taking out all the artifacts and enchantments (starting with my True Conviction, but also extending to the Marshal’s Anthem and Skullclamp) courtesy of his Necrogenesis. He kills off Ghost Council with Progenitus.

I don’t have a whole lot to add – I play a Changeling Hero, gaining some life from the Orchard Warden, then championing the Warden. Tolsimir plays Scatter the Seeds and then Stir the Pride (with entwine), but can’t gain enough life to stop Progenitus from running her over, and he does the same to me shortly thereafter when I fail to draw another kill spell for him (I only had four outs left in my deck – Marble Titan, Crime//Punishment, Decree of Pain and Pernicious Deed, two of which are kinda expensive to get a 10CMC creature)

In the end it was a game well won by Progenitus and thinking back on it, it was the Perilous Forays that really helped him get there. I’ll be keeping an eye on that in later games!

MVP: Sword of Light and Shadow.

LVP: Solidarity. I drew it, but never had a good opportunity to cast it. It’s one of the cards that didn’t make Thaum’s cut for the deck, but I left in until I get all the cards he did suggest. One day it might mean I kill someone when they don’t expect it, but probably not…

Lesson Learned: Given a choice between killing some of them, and killing them all – kill ’em all 😉

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And now for something completely different – actual content!

After looking back at the last few (more than few, really) posts I’ve made, I noticed that there isn’t any real content there – there’s a whole bunch of links to decklists, a post about the page I made to link to my decklists, and a couple of posts about changes I’ve made to my decklists.

Frankly, it’s a wonder I still get any hits at all 😛 However, now that I do have all my decklists online and current (sans Edric which is a work in progress) I feel more confident that I’ll be able to manage my decks, and what needs to go in them, as well as giving my devoted followers something to look at when I prattle on about my decks. So without further ado…

Game Report: Doran, the Siege Tower, part 1

The Decks: Karrthus, Doran, and Stonebrow

I really wanted to take my new improved Doran list out for a spin after rebuilding it more or less the way Thaumaturge from The Command Zone redesigned it for me. I’m still after some cards for it, but for now I’ve put in some – what I consider to be – acceptable substitutes. Turn 1 I get my Treefolk Harbinger on, and search up a Temple Garden to the top of my library. On turn 2, Stonebrow lays down Cream of the Crop. I play Battlewand Oak on turn 3. Karrthus adds a Rakdos Pit Dragon on turn 4, while I only have a Spidersilk Armor, and miss my land drop, making my Battlewand a sad panda. Turn 5 is a lot more interesting – Karrthus Naturalize‘s the Cream of the Crop, and sends the Pit Dragon into Stonebrow (who still doesn’t have anything but lands). I draw the perfect land – Overgrown Tomb. It’s a Forest for Battlewand, and a black source with which I can summon Doran, also giving Battlewand another +2. I do so and crack into Karrthus for 12 (3 from Harbinger, 3 + 2 + 2 from Battlewand, +1 each from Spidersilk Armor). Stonebrow finally gets a creature – Oracle of Mul Daya, playing both a Tectonic Edge and Strip Mine. However, the Oracle is short lived – on his next turn Karrthus Lightning Bolts it and plays Painful Quandary, again sending the dragon into Stonebrow as I have Doran to block with. On my turn I only play Eland Umbra on Doran, losing 5 life to the Painful Quandry and crash into Karrthus again for (does some math) 18. That’s some serious damage! Stonebrow lays down a morph (It’s Willbender! Oh, wait…) and we eventually decide that it’s RAkroma. Karrthus plays Kodama’s Reach and attacks me with the Pit Dragon. I untap and kill him (on turn 7!! that’s almost unheard of in our group), and then play Changeling Hero, championing the Harbinger. Stonebrow unmorphs… Hystrodon. Well, that’s not too threatening! Then he plays Bear Umbra on it. Hrm. That’s slightly more threatening.

Unfortunately the game slows down a bit here – Stonebrow doesn’t have very many ways of getting rid of my guys, and I have few ways of getting rid of his. Things and stuff happen (my notes go away for the most part) but he keeps my mana down by Strip Mining my OG Tomb, and Tec-Edging my Orzhov Basilica, which almost cuts me off from black mana altogether. At one point I finally get rid of the Hystrodon (and therefore Bear Umbra) by double blocking with my Changeling Hero and something else, and when the Hero dies, Harbinger comes back into play and I search up Timber Protector. Now all my guys are indestructible, but his guys are HUGE and are trampling over me. It’s looking grim when he drops a Aggravated Assault and has me dead on board next turn. Fortunately for me, I have Pernicious Deed in my hand, and can drop it with 4 mana remaining. I do that, and he swings in with eleventy million worth of damage, and a Vigor in play (he doesn’t swing with Vigor) I almost screw the whole thing up by trying to claim that my Ohran Viper kills his (now massive) creature until he quite rightly points out that the Viper never actually did damage (it’s prevented by Vigor) so it’s destroy ability never triggers. I kill the Aggravated Assault in the end of combat step with the Deed, and enough of my guys survive to kil him on the backswing.

A win! A palpable win!

MVP: Treefolk Harbinger

LVP: Hard to say… I don’t remember drawing any cards I was sad to see. Ohran Viper was slightly disappointing but that’s mostly because it wasn’t protected by Timber Protector, and was interfered with by Vigor.

Coming tomorrow, Doran game report, part 2!


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Deck Update: Doran, the Siege Tower

Doran, the Siege Tower

I finally got around to “finishing” this one – I sent the old list off to Thaumaturge from The Command Zone (who seems to have disappeared – Thaum, you out there still?) and he rebuilt it for me – I’ve put in all the changes for cards I can get, but need to put in a card order for around 9 more – in the meantime the deck looks better than it ever has, and I’m keen to take it for a test run! Stay tuned for a game report over the next few days.



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Permanent Links to my decklists

As some of you have discovered, I’ve been working on a set of pages for my decks, proposed or existing. It’s up there, and the main page has links to all my decks, what’s in them, and how they’re supposed to work. If you hover over the main page link, you’ll also get a dropdown showing the sub-pages (which hopefully will be self-explanatory).

I’ll be updating those pages every now and then, especially when cards go on or off the Wantlist and Watchlist (which will be available for each deck… eventually.) When I make changes to the decks I’ll still post here, but I’ll also update the decklists on these pages.

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Quick Hit: Animar, Soul of Elements Decklist

Animar, Soul of Elements

This is the last of my completed decklists – except Edric, which is built (and doing surprisingly well) but not really finished. At least now I know the deckslists match what I actually have sleeved up! Now to the tweaking!

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Quick Hit: Damia, Sage of Stone Decklist

Damia, Sage of Stone

I’m not very happy with this list currently – it’s supposed to ramp into Damia turn 5 at the latest (100% success rate so far), drop my hand ASAP and re-fill with Damia (mostly done). However, it drops an AWFUL lot of irrelevant creatures, and a lot of this deck will be changing when I can figure out what I want in here.

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What a dilly of a pickle! – NOW WITH POLL

I was playing my Savra deck last night and had a bit of a realisation moment; I’m a bad deckbuilder. OK, I may be overstating things a little there, but let me elaborate. I had the following opening hand:

Verdant Catacombs, Crypt of Agadeem, Svogthos, Stinkweed Imp, and some other stuff. Play and crack Verdant Catacombs (getting Overgrown Tomb). My second turn draw; Life from the Loam. “Man I’m good at this game” I think to myself as I cast it and get the Catacombs back, drawing a Swamp for turn 3. I cast Stinkweed Imp, thinking there’s nothing wrong with a bit of early defence… then the Nicol Bolas player to my right plays Consuming Vapors… and then Bojuka Bog’s me. Brutal, but effective. SO effective, in fact that I pretty much do nothing for the next 5 or 6 turns. This is when I come to the realisation I alluded to above. Bogging a graveyard which contained only a Life from the Loam and a Stinkwed Imp should not have stopped me in my tracks, but it surely did. I came to the following conclusions:

  1. My decks all love doing stuff
  2. I tend to put in cards that “do stuff” ahead of cards that “do nothing” (I’ll define that term later on)
  3. If someone manages to stop me doing stuff, I’m back to doing nothing
  4. (not really relevant to this particular game, but) I need to put 1 or 2 (or 5) more lands into all my decks
  5. In order for point 4 to not result in me going “land, go” in the later game, I need to put more card draw into all my decks
  6. More lands + more card draw = less stuff!!! But see point 1!

Hence my dilly of a pickle (of a jam). As far as I’m concerned, spells that say “draw X cards” are do nothing cards. In Savra, I have things like Skullmuncher, Skulltap, Culling Dais and Carnage Altar, which are all pretty good card draw, if you have creatures. Which I didn’t.

Thing is, my decks are already 35-40 lands, plus some “do nothing” cards. If I were to put in the lands I probably need, plus the draw/selection spells to get me past all my new lands, they’ll be about 50% do nothing… which means half the game (to my thinking) will be wasted!

What do you think, gentle reader? Should I bite the bullet and make my decks better, at the expense of doing less stuff? Or should I leave them as is, and just realise every now and then that I’ll get stuck like I did with Savra?

Very keen to hear all y’all’s opinions on this 🙂

Edit: Now with super-poll action!


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