Decklists: Two-Colour Allied

Two Colour – Allied

White-Blue: Isperia the Inscrutable (In the process of being rebuilt)

When I first built this, I made an effort only to include flying creatures. This did not End Well. As a result I sent the decklist to DJ over at General Damage Control and he fixed it right up for me. I’m still recovering from that shock (last I counted, he kept 25 cards and changed the rest…) and have taken it partially apart. I’m now hunting for some of the cards.

Blue-Black: Ramses Overdark (Deck not yet built)

(You had to click on the link to see who that was, didn’t you?). I have definite ideas for this one. However, the stupid damned reprint list means I have to pick up an actual Legends version of this guy, so probably won’t be getting one soon. But when I do…. Hooo boy the hijinks will be heLAREious.

Black-Red: Wort, Boggart Auntie (To be built soon)

Recently replacing Lyzolda (who was going to be just too close to Savra and Sek’Kuar), this will be the second tribal deck (Goblins, OBV) after the Lim-Dûl Zombie deck. Not sure which direction to take this one in – it’ll probably end up as aggro-y as an EDH deck can be.

Red-Green: Radha, Heir to Keld (Deck not yet built)

Speaking of aggro decks… I tried unsuccessfully to build a R/G aggro deck around Radha when she was legal in Standard; this is going to be a semi-tribal Elf/Warrior build, with plenty of “X” spells to chuck around. I love R/G as a colour combination, which makes me wonder why I haven’t built this one yet… I guess I’ve put it in the “too easy I can build it any time” camp, which in all likelihood means it’ll probably be the last one I actually build 😉

Green-White: Tolsimir Wolfblood Click here for decklist

Tokens. Millions and millions of tokens, with thousands and thousands of anthem and pump effects. I like this deck but it’s simply not very powerful and has only won a game or two. This should probably be a Rhys the Redeemed deck like every other G/W Tokens deck out there, but then it would be like every other G/W token deck out there! I like a lot of the Ravnica legends, and Tolsimir is not exception. Plus legendary tokens are where it’s at.


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