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Permanent Links to my decklists

As some of you have discovered, I’ve been working on a set of pages for my decks, proposed or existing. It’s up there, and the main page has links to all my decks, what’s in them, andย how they’re supposed to work.ย If you hover over the main page link, you’ll also get a dropdown showing the sub-pages (which hopefully will be self-explanatory).

I’ll be updating those pages every now and then, especially when cards go on or off the Wantlist and Watchlist (which will be available for each deck… eventually.) When I make changes to the decks I’ll still post here, but I’ll also update the decklists on these pages.

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Quick Hit: Damia, Sage of Stone Decklist

Damia, Sage of Stone

I’m not very happy with this list currently – it’s supposed to ramp into Damia turn 5 at the latest (100% success rate so far), drop my hand ASAP and re-fill with Damia (mostly done). However, it drops an AWFUL lot of irrelevant creatures, and a lot of this deck will be changing when I can figure out what I want in here.

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Game Report: Damia, Sage of Stone (again)

Pulled out Damia this week; I was convinced that it was better than the last few runs have suggested, and it was on a par – or thereabouts – with the decks I was playing against. It did much better this time, but there are still cards that need to come out when I have the time to make the changes (HA!)

The Table: Axelrod Gunnarsson, Geth, Damia, Mayael

(for once I was the only one playing one of my decks!)

I get off to a fast start with Forest, Mana Vault which draws some groans from the table, and fair enough. Axelrod lays down a Withered Wretch turn 2, and Geth a Zombie Infestation. My turn two is Cultivate, play a Swamp, Nezumi Graverobber, and Mayael plays Druid of the Anima. Turn 3 doesn’t actually bring a lot (I leave the Mana Crypt tapped) – I attempt to Regrowth the Cultivate but the Wretch very sensibly removes it, and then gets rid of Geth’s graveyard (after a zombie token from the Infestation). I let the first trigger resolve, then take his last card with my Graverobber, letting it flip. Of course, it’s not going to steal anything while that Wretch is in play….

Nothing of real note happened on turn 4, except Mayael tried to play Realm Razer, before we told them that it costs 6 and put it back in your hand, please…. Axelrod assures us that he can handle it, and keeps mana open to do so if it ever hits (pro tip: Float mana in response to the ability, let the ability resolve, THEN kill it. If you kill it with the ability on the stack, well you just Armageddoned…)

In the meantime Geth has been stuck on 2-3 land, so we’ve been leaving him alone. I’ve been beating on Mayael and Axelrod with the Graverobber and a 3/3 Wickerbough Elder. Mayel lays down a Rage Reflection but has no creatures out, so that hangs around for a bit, but eventually I pop it with the Wickerbough to increase it’s power.

On turn 6, I cast Damia, with 3 cards remaining in my hand. It survives the turn, and I draw into Thought Gorger. “Why not?” I ask myself, and drop Teferi’s Puzzle Box and the Gorger, discarding my hand and getting 5 +1/+1 counters on it. Somehow Damia lives AGAIN and I draw seven. I send Damia at Mayael (who by this stage has Mayael and the the Druid, but nothing else, Wickerbough Elder at Axelrod (no creatures, or maybe still the Wretch), and the 7/7 trampling Gorger at Geth, who only has a Sanguine Guard (and cards in hand to make Zombies with) to block with. The Guard blocks the Gorger and Regenerates, then Axelrod Comet Storms for 5 on the Gorger and the Wickerbough Elder (what actually happened is much more complicated and involved damage, taking back damage, re-blocks, pump spells, damage resolving, going back to first strike damage step…. it was pretty much a mess of “Oh, actually go back to <x> and I’ll do this…. It was messy. I don’t often take back anything I do – if I screw it up, I screw it up. But this is social, right?). Meanwhile Mayael pumps Mayeal with something random, giving it +2/+2 which is enough to kill off Damia, while Damia’s Deathtouch kills of Mayael. My next note is

Dreamscape, STE, WElves – Yay Mana

Which is something I do need to change about this deck – too much mana ramp and not enough to do with it. All that is negated by an Earthquake from Axelrod which clears the board of everything except that damn Sanguine Guard of Geths. I replay Damia, and drop another card I’ve been waiting to play – Moonring Mirror. Damia lives again, and I draw 5 cards, putting 5 cards under the Mirror. Next turn, I put the Mirror’s ability on the stack, then Damia’s – Damia’s resolves, drawing my hand up to 7, which puts more cards under the Mirror, then the Mirror exiles my “new” hand and I get 12 cards from under it. Worth the wait, although there are hoops I have to jump through, to be sure. Things like that get my Johnny sense tingling ๐Ÿ™‚

At about this time Axelrod drops a Caged Sun (naming black) and a Magus of the Coffers. Due to various flukes and politicing, Axelrod and Mayael are both on 14, and Geth and I are both on 17, so he can’t blow everyone out of the game with another Earthquake equivalent, but that much mana is scary. Thankfully Damia + the Mirror has given me plenty of options, and I’m able to Stomphowler the Caged Sun before he gets too ridiculous, although he has access to 20 mana thanks to the Magus. I get a Darksteel Plate onto Damia, and then Genesis Wave for 15. After the dust clears (I wave into Oracle of Mul Daya and Null Profusion, along with 6 or so lands – it’s a good turn) my board looks like this:

(excuse the poor quality – bad camera phone + bad lighting). Highlights include:

I am now down to 13 life. Remember that 20 mana Axelrod has? He plays a land, and declares “I can draw the game here” – he has Crypt Rats in play and everyone would die. We convince him this is a LAME way to finish the game, so he thinks for a second, and does this instead: Red Sun’s Zenith me for 13 (exactsies! And before I can get a post-Wave turn) and then Crypt Rats for 7, wiping the board and leaving himself and Mayael on 1, and Geth on 3 (ish). Geth recovers faster than the others, and takes down the rest of the table. (Axelrod could have won, if he had activate the Rats for 6 instead, leaving him on 2, but I forget how it would have made a difference. Something about surviving Geth’s Leechridden Swamp and then burning him out, or something…)

MVP: Damia. No question this time, she did her job beautifully. Non-General MVP: I’m gonna give this one to Teferi’s Puzzle Box. More than once I heard “I could have dealt with that with my LAST hand”

LVP: Too many mana dorks. It’s been said before, but I need to replace them with business spells. At least Llanowar Elves, Dreamscape Artist, Elves of Deep Shadow and Birds of Paradise need to go. They just don’t do enough, even in the early game. Dishonourable mention to Living End, which was going to make me sacrifice my Indestructible Damia and return said Mana Dorks to play (of course I just should have not suspended the damn thing in the first place, so that one’s on me)

“You’re playing WHAT?!” Award: To Geth, for getting the beats on with…. SEVERED LEGION. Good work, dude ๐Ÿ˜€

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What a game looks like: My notes

For those who may be interested; I made a “game notes” sheet in Excel and took it to the epic game last night; this is what it ended up looking like:

I’ll type this up as a proper game report… soon. I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

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Game report: Damia

I took a bunch of notes for this game so I have more of an idea about what happened.

The Decks

Oros, (my) Nin, Damia, (my) Kaalia, and Progenitus

I get a turn 2 Sakura-Tribe Elder which lets me get double Signets (Dimir and Golgari) turn 3, but in the meantime Oros mountain cycles Igneous Pouncer and then Reanimates it on his turn three, attacking Kaalia. I drop a Zombie Infestation and Cryptoplasm. The next turn he attacks Kaalia again, and this time has Sunhome to really bring the beats. Kaalia drops a Pristine Angel, forcing the Igneous Pouncer (which lives for a surprisingly long time) to focus elsewhere. Nin has a Darksteel Myr on the board, and my Crpytoplasm copies it, meaning it’s Progenitus (which is really a 5-colour control deck – he never casts Progenitus the whole game) which gets the 8 damage.

A few turns later Progenitus casts Brilliant Ultimatum, which meets a Dream Fracture from Nin. On his next turn he tries Debtor’s Knell, to which Nin responds with Hinder, and Progenitus counters with Dismiss.

Meanwhile Kaalia has cast the Oros of her own, and equipped it with Champions Helm. It swings into Oros, and activates it’s ability which kills off a few creatures, most notably Nin. It also kills a completely surplus to requirements Llanowar Elves of mine. At this stage my Cryptoplasm is still the Darksteel Myr, so it survives.

Oros casts (Oros’s) Oros to Legend Rule (Kaalia’s) Oros (my notes say Oros –> Oros –> Oros ๐Ÿ˜‰ ),

The Knell starts doing it’s work, first bringing back Kaalia’s Oros, then (after a Day of Judgement from Oros) her Pristine Angel.

Kaalia gets cast for the third time, and equipped with Champion’s Helm. By this stage I have 12 mana and Damia in play, and go for what I hope will start to close out the game; I first cast Psychosis Crawler, which meets an Overwhelming Intellect from Nin. I Eternal Witness the Crawler back, then try something a bit risky – Bottled Cloister.

Kaalia then attacks me, and drops…. Angel of Despair into play. Uh-oh… Thankfully he’s persuaded to hit the Debtor’s Knell, and not the Cloister. I take 9 from the attack, but still have my hand safely under the Cloister. It survives the whole round, and I stack the triggers properly so Damia refills my hand (draw 7) then get my old hand back (4 cards at the time) and draw an extra. If the Psychosis Crawler hadn’t been countered I would have been much happier ๐Ÿ™‚

Progenitus gets back and recasts Brilliant Ultimatum which reveals:

Oh damn. The table debates for a while and put Intet and Bloodgift in one pile and the other three in another. He takes the Intet pile. On his next attack, he attacks Nin with Intet, and the Oros player decides to Sunhome Intet, which gives Progentius Future Sight and Mulldrifter for “free”. Mulldrifter draws him into Maelstrom Nexus and Spin into Myth (revealed due to the Future Sight).

Oros then tries to reset the board a little with Kirtar’s Wrath, but it meets a Spell Crumple from Progenitus who by now has a pretty dominant board position.

On my turn I tap out to Genesis Wave for 10 getting:

9 out of 10 ain’t bad even if 6 of them were lands ๐Ÿ˜€

Kaalia attacks me again, this time dropping Dragon Tyrant into play ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I block Kaalia with my 5/6 Intet, and take 18 from the pumped Tyrant, dropping me to 7.

Progenitus plays and activates an Oblivion Stone, which aside from all my creatures (including Damia) kills my three Signets, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, and most importantly Bottled Cloister. Sad face…

Oros drops Kaervek the Merciless. If anyone casts a big spell, Kaervek can just kill me. My turn rolls around, and my Crytoplasm becomes a Kaervek (it survived the O-Stone due to still being a Darksteel Myr), and the Legend Rule does its thing so that I’m not quite dead.

Kaalia plays Malfegor, discarding two cards which is enough to clear the board of creatures again. End of Kaalia’s turn, Progenitus plays Fact or Fiction revealing:

We split it the first two and the last three, and he takes the three. On his turn he plays the Chronarch, getting Brilliant Ultimatum back again. He plays it immediately, revealing:

We again debate for a while, and decide that Unburial Rites and everything else is the way to go. He takes the everything else and casts them all for free (Willbender as a Morph. It’s always Willbender), Arcane Denial excepted.

Sometime around here I have a 20/20 Allosaurus Rider (19 lands are fun!) and swing into Nin to try finish him off, but Oros gives him a spirit token off Forbidden Orchard to block with, for some reason that no one can properly explain.

I draw and cast Ice Cauldron, add 3UUB to it and stick a Rite of Replication of my own under it. I also suspend a Living End, and play a morph (“it’s Willbender!” they exclaim. I don’t dissuade them of this opinion. It’s actually Vesuvan Shapeshifter).

Oros casts Carnifex Demon. On my turn I get the Rite out from under the Ice Cauldron and target the Carnifex Demon – Oros takes the two counters off in response to make his bigger and kill the two “Willbenders” – I morph my shapeshifter into a Carnifex Demon of my own.

This where I think I made an error. I have 6 Carnifex Demons (5 from RoR with 2 -1/-1 counters on them and 1 Shapeshifter with 1) and 9 black mana available. The Oros player has a Carnifex Demon with no -1/-1 counters on it and 3 black mana. I spend a good couple of minutes trying to figure out some way where I can kill his with -1/-1 counters while still holding on to mine – we spend the next five minutes activating, resolving, and responding to triggers, and when the dust clears, they’re all dead. I’m reasonably sure I did it wrong, but I still don’t know how I could have done it. The primary issue is of course that each time I activate one of my demons, it puts a -1/-1 counter on every other demon I have as well, and eventually they add up to kill everything. It was suggested that I should have really only used one or two of them, and not worried about the rest; I think that’s probably correct. If anyone can figure this out (assuming optimum responses from my opponent as well) then please post in the comments!

Not much happens until it’s my turn again, and I attempt to Genesis Wave (I got it back with Regrowth) for 12. Progenitus casts Dismiss. Nin Twincasts the G.Wave. Progenitus Spell Crumples the Twincast. Nin Rewinds the Spell Crumple. In the end, Nin gets the G.Wave, and Progenitus gets a card, and I get to spend 15 mana. Sigh.

All this happens while I’m still on 5 life (I got hit for 2 by someone somewhere). Shortly after that Oros swings at me with his general, and I’m the first one out. Shortly thereafter Progenitus (decked by a Mana Geyser-fueled Blue Sun’s Zenith from Nin) and Nin follow and then Kaalia kills of Oros and wins.

Aside from the somewhat random (and if I’m honest somewhat annoying) interventions by Oros on behalf of Progenitus (against Nin) and for Nin (against me), this was a very enjoyable game. It’s by far the best game my Damia deck has had, despite being the first eliminated. Lessons learned:

  • I confirmed my suspicions that while Damia can do a lot of stuff, it’s very short on finishers – at one point I had more mana than anyone else, more creatures than anyone else, and a full grip, and I still couldn’t do anything. (My board was something like 2 Zombie tokens, Damia, a fake Darksteel Myr, Eternal Witness, Durkwood Baloth, and mana). I built this deck so that I could accelerate into Damia as soon as possible, and never later than turn 6. It has done this admirably, and reliably, but it means I often draw irrelevant creatures (like Llanowar Elves) in the late game. I’ll have to address that soon.
  • I need more flying defence. The deck is blue/black – it should be able to muster some decent fliers.
  • There aren’t currently any counterspells in the deck. I think maybe I should put a few in.

MVP: Tough call – I’m going to go with Genesis Wave here, but the only reason it was so good (or would have been if it wasn’t countered the second time) is because of the work that went into my boardstate earlier

LVP: Llanowar Elves. Was a dead draw.


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Next Up: Well, maybe….

It’s been a while since I posted anything – there are lots of reasons for that but the most relevant is that I’ve beenย internalising a really complictated situation in my ‘ead (Those of you who don’t get the reference – and most probably won’t – click here ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). While building my last 3 or 4 decks, I keep running into cards and thinking “Hey that would work really well in Sek’Kuar!” I have tons of ideas for this deck and it will be one of the more syngergistic and therefore hopefully smoother and better decks that I have.

But then I look at poor old Doran, and Isperia, and the newer but no less disappointing Garza Zol and Damia – all of which could be fun and interesting and dangerous – but at the moment they’re definitely below the curve on power level, and some of them just aren’t that interesting.

So I have bit of a dilemma – do I build Sek’Kuar, or rebuild some of my less fun, less “good” decks?

I have some ideas for each of these poor suffering decks, and I think I’ve been a bit guilty (especially with Doran, Isperia and Garza Zol) of sticking too much to the theme at the expense of power. All of the decks mentioned can simply be ignored by the other players and taken out pretty much at leisure (with the odd exception – all the decks have won games except Damia and I’ve only played that twice), and that’s the sign of a bad deck, surely.

What do you folks think? All of my ideas for Sek’Kuar are more or less entrenched and I won’t forget about them soon, but I like putting decks together and giving them a play to see how they go. I also have a great dislike for decks I know should be better, and aren’t.

What to do, what to do….


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Damia – Finished Decklist

Well after the overwhelming zero responses to my desperate pleas for help, I finished up the first draft of this deck. Decklist first, comments later:

1 Damia, Sage of Stone

1 Birds of Paradise
1 Coiling Oracle
1 Cultivate
1 Dimir Signet
1 Dreamscape Artist
1 Elves of Deep Shadow
1 Explosive Vegetation
1 Farseek
1 Fertilid
1 Golgari Signet
1 Harrow
1 Kodama’s Reach
1 Llanowar Elves
1 Mana Vault
1 Oracle of Mul Daya
1 Primeval Titan
1 Sakura-Tribe Elder
1 Search for Tomorrow
1 Simic Signet
1 Sol Ring
1 Wood Elves

Good, for Cheap
1 Allosaurus Rider
1 Animate Dead
1 Avatar of Woe
1 Cryptoplasm
1 Durkwood Baloth
1 Gatstaf Shepherd
1 Hypergenesis
1 Living End
1 Mortivore
1 Phantasmal Image
1 Scute Mob
1 Skullbriar, the Walking Grave
1 Stitch Together
1 Vesuvan Shapeshifter
1 Villagers of Estwald

1 Abundance
1 Bottled Cloister
1 Herald of Leshrac
1 Ice Cauldron
1 Moonring Mirror
1 Null Profusion
1 Psychic Possession
1 Psychosis Crawler
1 Sages of the Anima
1 Teferi’s Puzzle Box
1 Thought Gorger
1 Urborg Syphon-Mage
1 Vinelasher Kudzu
1 Wild Mongrel
1 Zombie Infestation

1 Black Sun’s Zenith
1 Darksteel Plate
1 Eternal Witness
1 Genesis Wave
1 Indrik Stomphowler
1 Krosan Grip
1 Lightning Greaves
1 Nezumi Graverobber
1 Regrowth
1 Rite of Replication
1 Spitting Image
1 Swiftfoot Boots
1 Wickerbough Elder

1 Barren Moor
1 Breeding Pool
1 Command Tower
1 Dreadship Reef
1 Drowned Catacomb
1 Exotic Orchard
1 Lonely Sandbar
1 Overgrown Tomb
1 Temple of the False God
1 Tranquil Thicket
1 Twilight Mire
1 Woodland Cemetery
13 Forest
5 Island
5 Swamp

(Link to deckstats here)

I have a few thoughts on the list; for starters there are a lot of “some of this, could be more, but isn’t…” like Dreamscape Artist and Urborg Syphon-Mage, for something to do with excess lands in my hand, but no other spellshapers…. I’m sure there are others I could put in (Rampant Growth guy, at least, springs to mind). Likewise I’m playing Allosaurus Rider but not Soul Spike – because in EDH it’s quite, quite bad – and I would be playing Commandeer if I had one. Likewise with Suspend spells – I could put a lot more of them in (Riftwing Cloudskate and Errant Ephemeron spring to mind straight away but I’m sure there are others)

There are also quite a lot of experiments in this deck. Will Bottled Cloister live for more than a turn? Will Moonring Mirror work in this deck? Do I have too much ramp? Are the werewolves any good? If so, am I running the right ones? Do I need more graveyard removal? Destruction in general? Counterspells?

Comments (yeah right ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) below!


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