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Permanent Links to my decklists

As some of you have discovered, I’ve been working on a set of pages for my decks, proposed or existing. It’s up there, and the main page has links to all my decks, what’s in them, and how they’re supposed to work. If you hover over the main page link, you’ll also get a dropdown showing the sub-pages (which hopefully will be self-explanatory).

I’ll be updating those pages every now and then, especially when cards go on or off the Wantlist and Watchlist (which will be available for each deck… eventually.) When I make changes to the decks I’ll still post here, but I’ll also update the decklists on these pages.

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Game Report (kinda) – Edric, Spymaster of Trest

I threw together what I consider to be an unfinished Edric deck and took it along to the regular Tue night game to see how it did. Surprisingly (to me) it was hanging in there quite well in both games I played – I didn’t win any of them but Edric did very well keeping the heat off me, and attacking with random 1/1 and 2/2’s which are unblockable (common comment: “This has shadow, you have a forest, you have an island, you have an artifact, you don’t have any creatures with defender“) the damage actually adds up pretty quickly, but at the same time your opponents don’t feel too threatened because they know you can’t attack for 20 the next turn. Of all the evasive fatties I posted in the last Edric post the only one I could actually find was Simic Sky Swallower, so I’m a little short on finishers. (I did get a Phyrexian Ingester one game, but I tried to eat a Jareth and he just gave himself pro-blue. I’m such a scrub.)

Typical combat phases went something like the above, then people taking some damage, then I’d go “Draw, Draw, Draw, Draw, Draw, Loot” – it was lots of fun, and I got a lot of positive comments about how the deck stays on theme, but is still good(ish). Hidden Guerrillas got a lot of laughs, and managed to acutally connect once. One card was suggested, and although it probably won’t come up much, I may have to find one just because of the awesome:

I find it HILARIOUS that the printed wording and the Oracle text for this card are almost completely mirror images of each other – cards that simply don’t work as printed and need a rewrite to work under the rules amuse me. The thing with this one, though, is that my creatures (if I’m going the job right) can’t be blocked, and so this wouldn’t really do anything.

The second game in particular needs to be mentioned (because I said I would) – It was Edric, Ayesha Tanaka, (my) Sek’Kuar, Vorosh, the Hunter, and… Gaddock Teeg. I’m not entirely sure what the Ayesha Tanaka deck does, as it was kept in control for most of the game by threats from the other players. I’d like to play against it again to see what it gets up to – some kind of artifact shenanigans, I’m guessing.

Anyway, things are going along normally (except for Vorosh, who is colour screwed for Black mana), until Teeg plays his General and…. Choke, announcing it with a big goofy grin like it’s the funniest play in the world. Here’s the thing, dude: stopping half the table from playing half their deck isn’t funny, it’s dumb and annoying. Thankfully Tanaka has a Disenchant in hand and uses it immediately meaning I get an untap step (I was immediately after Teeg and had something like 4 islands and 2 forests in play). After the game the Teeg player pulls out some cards from his deck: Vorinclex. Stony Silence. And more like them that I can’t remember right now.

Because apparently not letting people play the game is hilarious. Now I don’t mind Gaddock Teeg himself too much – during this game I was sitting on a Spelljack, Predatory Focus, and Jace’s Ingenuity which were dead cards until Teeg died, but I had plenty of creatures and small spells, but at the same time it shut Vorosh down completely – to the point where the player didn’t really get anything going until Teeg died – and had a pretty big effect on Tanaka as well. I think Teeg shuts down a lot of the more degenerate things you can do in EDH, which is fine and perfectly fair way of inflicting a bit of disruption in colours that otherwise don’t get too much of it, but as part of a whole deck that aims to stop the other players from participating in the game, he’s a dick.

Anyway, as the game rolled on Edric did his thing, and the damage started flying around. I was trying to share the damage around as much as possible – in part because the landwalkers I had determined who I could attack, and in part because I wanted to keep my profile lower so I could see more of my deck, and see how it would run. In the end I think it was Sek’ that took the game out (although to be honest I can’t remember).

Teeg was the first to die. Which brings me to my other point: If you’re going to play a deck that no one likes, you can expect to be the first out, every game. So why build it?

Answers on a postcard 😉


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Edric Spymaster of Trest – First draft

After getting the bad taste of that last rant out of my mouth, I’ve gone back and pulled cards for my Edric the Spymaster deck. Here’s the first run through, commons and uncommons only (with a couple of exceptions), with comments why they’re there.

Converted Mana Cost 1

Brown Ouphe I’ve been trying to get this guy – and Ouphe Vandals – into a deck for ages. The Vandals (only) has for some reason been errated to be a Rogue, so may end up in here. Usually for Oblivion Stone, I think it’ll be hilarious one day when someone tries to equp a sword/cloak/hammer and I destroy it in response…)
Cloud Sprite Low cost evasive creature, hereafter referred to as LCEC
Distortion Strike
Drifter il-Dal
– LCEC, twice the power and damn near unblockable, but with an upkeep cost
Flying MenLCEC
Gladecover Scout – Definitely making the cut as a sneaky spy type
Grayscaled GharialLCEC
Hidden GuerrillasPretty much a guaranteed 5/3 trample for 1? Yes please!
InterveneI’m currently on the lookout for seldom-played counters. That usually means conditional in some form or another, and the price for this one is right. Doesn’t counter wraths though.
Jukai MessengerLCEC
Merfolk Spy – Is a spy. Totally in. Is also a LCEC. Also does something when it connects. Winwinwin!
Might of Old Krosa – Lots of bang for a very small buck. Fits in with something I’ll detail after the massive cardlist (ooooh foreshadowing)
Mothdust Changeling – Is a rogue, and kinda flies. Yeah, I don’t like him much either
Pongify – Cheap removal spell is cheap. Ook Ook!
Relic of Progenitus – Boring but effective graveyard hate is boring, but effective
Shanodin Dryads – LCEC. I have a revised one, but man do I dig the 7th ed artwork!
Spy Network – DUH
Unstable Mutation – Cheap pump spell for my LCEC’s
Writ of Passage – Not sure if I’ll need this as most of my creatures will hopefully be unblockable anyway


Aether Figment – LCEC, can be bigger (5 for a 3/3 unblockable isn’t too awful, right?…)
Coiling Oracle – Does cool stuff
Confound – See: Intervene. Draws a card, too
Courier’s Capsule – On theme card draw
Drake Familiar – LCEC but with a “drawback”. 2 power flier for 2 and bounce something like Debtor’s Knell or Propaganda… but doesn’t really deal with it.
Dryad Sophisticate – Basically unblockable (<– SEE WHAT I DID THERE)
Echoing Truth – Maybe this isn’t the deck for it, but it’s more useful than it seems
Invisible Stalker – LCEC Got everything I need it to have (including being a Rogue)
Jhessian Infiltrator – LCEC Love everything about it
Kavu Predator – Not at all in theme, and there isn’t that much lifegain in my group
Looter il-Kor – LCEC with benefits (Rogue, too)
Mask of Memory – Goes nicely with unblockable dudes, doncha think?
Matsu-Tribe Sniper – I’ve loved this guy since my Mono-G snakes deck in Kamigawa block. He does nasty things to dragons (“Show the officer where the Sniper touched you, please”). Not really in theme though
Memory’s Journey – Pretty much only in here because it’s on-colour graveyard hate
Merfolk Looter – The Classic. Accept no substitutes. Now a Rogue!
Mire Boa – LCEC, and regens
Plaxmanta – I love this guy to bits
Quest for Renewal – This should be insanely easy to turn on with this deck, and quasi vigilance is pretty useful (although, not as useful when all your creatures are this small)
Riptide Pilferer – Cute, but not actually evasive. Is a Rogue though
Rushwood Dryad – LCEC. Plus I’m in love with this art
Sage Owl – LCEC, plus a reasonably useful ETB ability. I’m trying to avoid 1 power dudes for 2 though
Silhana Ledgewalker – I’ll make an exception for this one though
Shorecrasher Mimic – I don’t think I’ll have enough UG spells to turn this on
Somberwald Dryad – LCEC What is it with Dryads and good art?
Soratami Cloudskater – LCEC, relevant ability (pro tip: you can discard the land you returned), is a Rogue
Spire Owl – See: Sage Owl
Squelch – No one will ever see this coming
Student of Elements – Better find some way to give this guy flying huh…
Tangle Asp – Another pet card. It’s deathtouch, but not!
Treasure Hunt – Because spies have got to be looking for something
Veil of Secrecy – Budget Whispersilk Cloak (see also: Whispersilk Cloak). Also bounces Ninjas, if I can splice it on to anything (which seems pretty bloody unlikely outside of Kodama’s Reach)


Bouncing Beebles – Beebles! “Unblockable if…” probably won’t make the cut though
Catalog – Random generic but instant speed card draw
Cephalid Pathmage – If I end up with bigger dudes that aren’t unblockable, this could be handy. Seems iffy though
Cloud Spirit – 3 power flier for 3
Compulsive Research – Random generic sorcery speed card draw
Dewdrop Spy – Flying Flash Spy Rogue. Tick Tick Tick Tick
Dream Cache – Card filtering, rather than draw. Sorcery speed is probably going to kill this one off
ExcludeMay as well say “Counter target Avenger of Zendikar. Draw a card”
Fecundity – Quality card draw, especially considering the number of creatures I’ll hopefully have. Maybe there are better options however, since this is a blue deck and all
Infiltrator’s Magemark – Makes me wonder if there are any other good auras that could go in
Keep Watch – If you can’t counter the Avenger, you may as well draw a bunch of cards off it
Kill Switch – Stumbled across this one – it’s on (spy) theme and pretty useful. It will tap all my artifacts as well, and as far as I can tell they don’t untap in my upkeep, but that won’t affect any artifacts I’ve put in so far apart from Couriers Capsule. This nicely turns off O-Stones, Disks, and Mindslavers (although who plays Mindslaver without popping it straight away?)
Mirran Spy – Is a Spy, so is in – but doesn’t really do much in the deck so far
Mistblade Shinobi – Ninja!
Murmurs From Beyond – Instant speed card draw
Neurok Spy – Beebles! At least this one is a Spy and a Rogue
Oona’s Grace – Instant speed, repeatable card draw. Susceptible to graveyard hate splash damage; I can see playing this once and then all ‘yards getting removed. 1 card for 2U ain’t great, Francis.
Rootwater Commando – Medium cost evasive creature. Not a rogue.
Scroll Thief – Is a Thief and a Rogue. But is kinda meh really
Shielding Plax – Another pet card from Rav block (see Plaxmanta). Can someone tell me why this doesn’t now say “Enchanted creature has hexproof”?
Silkwing Scout – Medium cost evasive creature that does stuff when it’s about to die
Soratami Rainshaper – MCEC, that protects your guys (for a price)
Telepathic Spies – Is a spy. A pretty unimpressive one. Also, HUMAN wizard? Look at the guy!
Thirst for Knowledge – Instant speed card draw. With the number of artifacts that are(n’t) in this deck, it’s probably not very good, filtering rather than draw
Trinket Mage – Currently has a grand total of one target
WillbenderIt’s always Willbender. Also, yes it really costs three. Who casts this guy face-up?
Whispersilk Cloak – More for Edric than anything else, this is a good piece of spy equipment (look at the picture, ferchrissake 😉 )
Yavimaya Dryad – MCEC, and either ramp or turns all the other Dryads on. Pity about the art…


(at this stage of things it starts going from Spies to Grand Schemes and Operations 😉 )

Assault Zeppelid – “Launch the Assault Zeppelid”
Discombobulate – Yes, pretty much because of the name
Distant Melody – “Rogues”. Not sure about costing 4 and being a Sorcery
Ensnare – “Prepare the Alpha Strike”
Fact or Fiction – This is good, apparently…
Foresee – Card draw
Inspiration – Instant speed card draw
Latchkey Faerie – Hopefully will cost 3 and draw me a card most of the time
Ninja of the Deep Hours – Ninja!
Sift – Card Draw
Steal Artifact – All those spies and rogues have got to be after something
Treasure Trove – Glacial Speed card draw, but hardish to remove and instant speed
Veiling Oddity – Another “prepare the Alpha Strike”
Voidmage Husher – “Hush!” This guy is seriously underrated for this format
Wormfang Crab – 3 power unblockable is hard to find – and if they choose Edric I just move him to the command zone… I can’t see anything else I’d be worried about losing

CMC 5+

Cache Raiders – It’s a Rogue, but in a deck without much ETB triggers that’s about all that’s going for it
Covert Operative – Obvious card is obvious
Infiltrator il-Kor – Also obvious card is…
Jace’s Ingenuity – One card for three at instant speed
Mind Control – Gonna alter this one to have the word “Laser” (with quotes!) in the title
Predatory Focus – Alpha Strike card #3
Relic Crush – Token effort at artifact/enchantment removal
Tidings – Classic card draw
Wind Spirit – Not quite unblockable, but needs two fliers/reachers to do the job…. probably not good enough but I randomly found one in terrible condition
Cobra Trap – A bit meh, especially considering the number of non-creature permanents I’ll have (not many)

So those are the cards I’ve pulled out – I’ve alluded to an Alpha Strike and something Might of Old Krosa goes nicely with… It’s in theme for Spies and Subterfuge, but is pretty unpopular in these here parts:

Poison. Spies throughtout history have used it, and it gives weenie hordes a genuine way to win. I am generally not a fan of poison in EDH, generally because the only card I’ve ever seen it played with was Blightsteel Collosus, and that guy’s just a dick. Using poison lets me use Blighted Agent (and how on theme is that?), Blight Mamba, Viral Drake, and Spinebiter. I’d consider putting Phyrexian Swarmlord in, but probably not Grafted Exoskeleton. Probably.

Other Additions

I haven’t even gone through my rare folder yet, but a few things jump out at me immediately:

Simic Sky Swallower
Deep-Sea Kraken
Tidal Kraken

As well as a few cards I want to put in but don’t have yet:

Walker of Secret Ways
Steal Enchantment
Higure, the Still Wind
Knowledge Exploitation
Notorious Throng

What other spy-themed cards have I missed? What have I listed that’s total dreck and should never see the light of day? Comments, as always, welcome.

Super bonus post tomorrow night too – I played a game at my LGS on Friday night and while I didn’t take notes, it was pretty epic and I’ll be detailing that here. Stay tuned!


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Edric: Brainstorming

As detailed below, my next deck will be a Superspies Edric. It’ll definitely be a bit lower on the power scale than it could be (the other option in the poll below – U/G Elves – would have been more powerful by some margin) but hopefully I can strike the right balance between power and fun… What follows below are some initial thoughts on what could and should go in it. Bullet (point) time!

OK so that’s all the obvious stuff. What’s slightly less obvious? What should I put it that’s vaguely on theme that I can use to actually close out games? Suiting up 1/1’s and 2/2’s to get in there is all well and good, but in the end I’m coming dangerously close to making another deck that doesn’t really do anything, and can be safely ignored. All going well I’ll be drawing a lot of cards with this deck; I’m already running Psychosis Crawler in a couple of decks but maybe it needs to go in here too? I’ll be putting Simic Sky Swallower in as he’s a big threat, and I can (barely) justify it’s inclusion as a mutated flying super-soldier. Or something. (The art for that guy always made me think of a flying battle station, for some reason. Maybe it’s just me).

The other issue is I’m really having issues coming up with on-theme(ish) green cards to put into the deck. Unsurprisingly, green doesn’t get a lot of sneaky spy-types…..

Because of the theme of the Magic game, my Spy Organisation (which really needs a name, or at least an A.C.R.O.N.Y.M) will be “fantasy spy” rather than “hi-tech spy”, but even so with the odd exception I can’t think of any green cards that really fit. Any suggestions?

I’ll be posting a quasi-decklist in the next week or so; in the meantime feel free to suggest cards or themes in the comments!


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And the results are in…

By a very narrow 5-4 vote, SuperSpy Edric wins over Elfball (minus the ball) Edric. I’ll start building this one soon!

Thanks to all of you who voted!

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Quick Hit: Elves or Spies?

My next deck is going to be Edric, Spymaster of Trest (and then Ixidor, Reality Shaper) – I’ve found two quite different but equally appealing builds for it:

  • U/G Elves; bascially highlander Tribal Turbo Elves, with blue for card draw and counterspells. A quite quick weenie rush style deck, with just enough counters to stop the wraths. Edric helps here by providing card draw for me during the combat step. I had a reasonably good Mono-G elf deck for 60-card casual games, and it was a lot of fun; although having more than one Timberwatch Elf in play at once really made it tick, there have been a number of really top notch elves created since then which would easily make it in to this deck.
  • U/G Spies – Rogues, Subterfuge, and Distraction. This deck is more of a theme deck. It uses a lot of Rogues and/or unblockable guys to get through with, and runs spy-themed cards. This one will be mostly blue, with green for things like Silhana Ledgewalker. It will be a lot of fun (and I’ll get to break out my terrible Sean Connery impression) but probably not as powerful as the Elves build. Thaumaturge has this kind of Edric deck on his “The Command Zone” blog (link to the right —>)

I can’t decide which one of these to build. They’re both pretty “Timmy” style decks, although the Elves version could also be a little Johnny Combo style. So I’m going to let you decide for me! Vote now!

The poll is open for a week. I’ve started building one of these decks already (but only because I was sorting through my cards and started pulling things out) – I’ll reveal which one when the poll is closed.

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