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Yet another Theme change

Hopefully the last one. I’ve altered the theme, which unfortunately meant losing the magic card montage I made up, but this is a very easy theme to read, and hopefully will solve the “dark grey on black” comments page.

I’ve also added a “subscribe via rss” link on the right hand side here —> and there is a button that does the same thing on the top-right of the screen.

Improvement? Or not?

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Where’d you all come from?

So I imagine there’s a lot of “hmm, what’s this, oh it’s that I’m never coming back again” going on here, but I’ve had 120+ views in the last 9 hours! I was expecting maybe 40-50…. Hope you all like what you’re seeing and keep coming back – if you want to be updated when there’s a post there’s a Subscribe box on the right hand side over there —-> and you should be able to add this to your RSS feed as well (the button is in the middle of the Simic Sky Swallower card)

Thanks for the comments so far, and I’ll attempt to keep your interest 🙂

Since this is a bit of a “meta-post” (a post about posting), I’ll use this opportunity to ask: What do you think of the theme I’m using? Easy to read? Not too hard to get around? It took me a little while to figure out where the “Leave a comment” link was (hint: Near the title, after the tags), and as stated above I can’t see the RSS link but I’m sure it’ll be on here somewhere. I’ve changed the theme now; comment link is after the post, and the RSS link as is stated above.  I may play around with some different themes later on but I’m reasonably happy with this one for the moment.

Cheers all!


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