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Quick Hit: Elves or Spies?

My next deck is going to be Edric, Spymaster of Trest (and then Ixidor, Reality Shaper) – I’veĀ found two quite different but equally appealing builds for it:

  • U/G Elves; bascially highlander Tribal Turbo Elves, with blue for card draw and counterspells. A quite quick weenie rush style deck, with just enough counters to stop the wraths. Edric helps here by providing card draw for me during the combat step. I had a reasonably good Mono-G elf deck for 60-card casual games, and it was a lot of fun; although having more than one Timberwatch Elf in play at once really made it tick, there have been a number of really top notch elves created since then which would easily make it in to this deck.
  • U/G Spies – Rogues, Subterfuge, and Distraction. This deck is more of a theme deck. It uses a lot of Rogues and/or unblockable guys to get through with, and runs spy-themed cards. This one will be mostly blue, with green for things like Silhana Ledgewalker. It will be a lot of fun (and I’ll get to break out my terrible Sean Connery impression) but probably not as powerful as the Elves build. Thaumaturge has this kind of Edric deck on his “The Command Zone” blog (link to the right —>)

I can’t decide which one of these to build. They’re both pretty “Timmy” style decks, although the Elves version could also be a little Johnny Combo style. So I’m going to let you decide for me! Vote now!

The poll is open for a week. I’ve started building one of these decks already (but only because I was sorting through my cards and started pulling things out) – I’ll reveal which one when the poll is closed.

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Posted by on January 6, 2012 in Challenge of Doom, EDH/Commander


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