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Bonus Monday Content: The Game

A group of us went down to the local on Friday night (shout out to Aargon Games in Dunedin, yo! Yeah OK, I’ll lay off the fake bro/homey vibe there) to play some EDH while Sam was in town. First game I played was my Animar versus Sharuum versus Chorus of the Conclave… short version of that game was Sharuum won after a fairly large Open the Vaults when Sharuum had a Cranial Plating equipped and we were all out of flying blockers. Was a good, laid back game though, and Animar got to do some crazy stuff with Palinchron (without bouncing it), Great Whale, and bouncing my own Riftwing Cloudskate with Crystal Shard to repeatedly keep Scourglass off the table 🙂

The second game was much more memorable, though. It was a five-way free for all, with the same three players as game 1, plus Sam, and another guy who will remain anonymous for reasons which will soon become apparent….

I was playing Sek’Kuar, Sam was playing Damia, Oscar (I think his name was Oscar, someone correct me if I’m wrong!) was playing Kresh, Sam (not that Sam) played Zedruu, and Other Guy was playing Riku. It was all fun and games, and killing stuff and swinging with stuff and so until Other Guy went

Walk the Aeons
(next turn) Get the Walk the Aeons back with something (can’t remember what), Walk the Aeons
(next turn) Beacon of Tomorrows
(next turn) Warp World

Fun ….. Thankfully Riku wasn’t in play for any of that! Somehow I managed to hit 15 out of 16 permanents, including all my colours; poor Zedruu got screwed on white, but had a Shield Sphere in play, which eventually killed him… but not before something HIGHLARIOUS (yes I spelt it like that on purpose) happened, which I shall detail in due course. Damia got very little land, but all colours, Kresh was down to about 6 or 7 permanents, and Riku had a bunch of stuff, including Djinn of Wishes. One of the permanents I got was Kessig Cagebreakers and they actually lived long enough to swing not once but twice giving me 14 wolf tokens to feed to my Scarland Thrinax if and when I needed to.

A turn or two later, Damia has a reasonably massive Lord of Extinction, and swings it and some friends into Riku. He Brainstorms putting cards on top, then activates Djinn of Wishes twice getting…

Magmatic Force (fine)
Blightsteel Colossus (What. The. Fuck.)

A couple of turns later (maybe 1) he activates the last counter on the Djinn….. and hits Phyrexian Metamorph, copying Blightsteel. Sigh…

Begin the scrambling! After the dust settles, Zedruu, he of the white mana screw, has a singular Goat token courtesy of Springjack Pasture. He also handily has a Curse of Echoes courtesy of Riku… he sacrifices the Goat to add W, and casts Path to Exile. Much hilarity ensues, as four out of five of us target Riku’s stuff (Blightsteel, Metamorph. Magmatic Force, and I can’t remember what else). Riku gets knocked out a few turns later and still can’t figure out why (apparently). Zedruu, STILL short of white mana, goes shortly after, and that leaves me, Damia and Kresh, all on single figure life totals. Damia counts his mana, and thanks to a Empty the Catacombs from Kresh, is able to cast Kira, Psychosis Crawler, and Minds Aglow for exactly enough to kill me and leave Kresh on 2. Kresh dies next turn and Sam takes out the game.

The comment was made – not by me this time! – that the Riku deck had everything you don’t want to play against – multiple extra turns, random effects, infect…. But in spite of that this game was a blast to play against 3 really cool opponents and one not so cool one. Aside from his deck, he made several play errors, and was constantly losing track of what was in play – in particular Sam’s Kira, which eventually we just stopped reminding him about and let his abilities get countered. Still, I think everyone had a good game and it was very close at the end.

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