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Deck Building Challenge: Build my Deck!

So those of you who are on may have seen my post there – a Mono Blue deck revolving around these two cards:

Which in my mind ends up like this:

And that, my friends, is PURE AWESOME 😀

OK so this deck will have some hurdles:

  • Kraken are usually pretty sweet (and I can give my awful Davy Jones impersonation every time I “Summon” one – geddit!!!
  • Leviathans, on the other hand, usually haveterrible drawbacks for playing them, like “sacrifice all your islands” or “this doesn’t untap unless it’s a Thursday and the milkman forgot your order again”
  • There are a grand total of two Octopii in all of Magic (Lorthos, and Giant). Embarrassment of riches, that ain’t (in before: Yes, changelings count)
  • Serpents are the workhorses here, and even they tend to cost too much and do too little
  • Enchantment search in mono-blue? Not seeing much…
  • My curve will start at about 20. And go up.

So I throw the gauntlet down to the four of you that still read this blog – what should I put in here?

Go, my minions!


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Content, or the lack of it :)

Hey folks,

Been really busy lately with non-magic stuff, and unfortunately will continue to be busy for the next little while at least. About the only things I’ve got to say is:

Sundering Titan banned: YAY
Griselbanned: I can see why they did it

I’ve also made a bunch of changes to a bunch of my decks and will update those… sometime.

Not very exciting I know!

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