Decklists: Mono-Coloured Decks

Mono Coloured Decks

White: Kitsune Mystic. Click here for the Decklist

Already we’re off to a controversial start. Kitsune Mystic is not a legal General as far as a strict interpretation of the rules is concerned – she’s(?) not a legend until flipped. However I OK’ed this with my group, and if I’m ever playing with another random group who doesn’t like it, there’s a Rune-Tail in the deck (which IMO is a much more obnoxious card). This deck is all about enchantments – to help me and hinder you. It’s a control-ish deck, although it has issues in the early game. Open the Vaults and Retether are the all-stars in this deck, as if they resolve I usually take out the table a few turns later. Surprisingly, this is probably one of the two decks I have with the best win percentage (the other being Ghost Council of Orzhov).

Blue: Ixidor, Reality Sculptor (Deck not yet built)

In an effort to find a non-douchey blue General I stumbled on Ixidor. Being able to unmorph my dudes for 2U (almost, but not quite, at the same time as when I could unmorph them) isn’t actually that useful when you look at the list of creatures it affects (yay Brine Elemental – do I really want to be that guy?!?) but nevertheless he’s cool and different enough that I’m going to give it a go and see what happens. Other potentials include Patron of the Moon Moonfolk tribal, or Mistform Ultimus Tribal Everything Voltron 🙂

Black: Lim-Dûl the Necromancer Click here for the decklist

This was going to be Geth, but everyone has a Geth deck. This is a reasonably standard Zombie Tribal Aggro/Control list – I have/had a 60-card casual zombie deck that could be scarily fast (well, fast for me) and I just recently picked up both the Graveborn premium series deck and the black Planechase deck, both of which have a number of tools I was missing to go from 4-of, 60 cards to 1-of, 100 cards.

Watchlist: Grixis Slavedriver, Highborn Ghoul, Skirk Ridge Exhumer, Soulless One, Exhume, Deathmark (although I think it’ll be good), Slaughter

Wantlist: Army of the Damned, Endless Ranks of the Dead, Cover of Darkness, Coffin Queen, Skullclamp, Intimidation, Hideous Visage

Red: Jaya Ballard, Task Mage Click here for the Decklist

The original blow-em-up mage. When it works (which sadly, isn’t that often) this is a – wait for it – blast to play. (groans from the audience.) It has some genuinely good cards (Jaya’s “ultimate” + Basilisk Collar is some fun) it also has every card with Jaya Ballard flavour text on it that is legal in the deck (including Melting, Mystic Compass, and the 8th edition Sizzle). This is the deck I pull out if we’re after a quick game.

Green: Omnath, Locus of Mana Click here for the Decklist

RAWR. Where Jaya is fun and quick and brutal, Omnath is simply quick and brutal. One of my better decks, it’s also currenlty the only deck I designed from the get-go as a General Damage deck. Although there are things to sink the mana into, most of this deck has a singular purpose – deal 21 to each other player as quickly as possible. Current record for Omnath size: 463/461. Unfortunately that was in a game where I was playing against it! Yeah, I lost that game as soon as they found a way to give him trample 😀


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