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Bunch O’ Changes

This won’t mean a lot to a lot of people (especially since I’ve been extremely lax and haven’t actually posted links to my decklists!) but I made a bunch of changes to my decks last night. Briefly:


– Forest
+ Patron of the Orochi

This lowers Omnath’s land count to 34 but if there’s one deck that can run on 3 lands, this is it. Patron Orochi is pretty obviously nuts in here and I’ve been trying to add one for a long time.

Kitsune Mystic

Mine Excavation, Lapse of Certainty
+ Retether, Skull of Orm

Mine Excavation was a “why not?” inclusion and although I’ve yet to draw it, the KMystic deck has very few creatures in it so the chance of conspiring it was close to zero. Retether is an obvious upgrade and again, I was just waiting to trade for one. Lapse of Certainty is one of those things no one is ever expecting, but it’s just so meh it’s not worth it. For some obscure reason I had an Italian The Dark version of Skull of Orm and never knew what it did until fairly recently, so having found it, it seems like it’s worth including in an enchantment based deck.

Jaya Ballard

Flametongue Kavu, Oni of Wild Places, Sword of Fire and Ice
+ Repercussion, Magebane Armor, Violent Eruption

People keep telling me how good Repercussion is with direct burn decks, so I got one to see. SoFI gets replaces with Magebane Armor as Jaya never attacks anyway, leaving my one and only SoFI to go into a better deck (one that uses the combat phase). Violent Eruption just because Jaya, Chandra, Wheel of Fate etc make me discard cards and I have most mono-R madness cards in here.


Sensei’s Divining Top
+ Moldgraf Monstrosity

As good as SDT is (see next entry), when this deck draws cards it’s drawing 3 or 5 or 12 at a time and manipulating the top 3 is usually not that important. I want to try out the Monstrosity as an 8/8 trampler is nothing to be sneezed at and getting two fatties back (probably, since there’s very little other creatures in the deck) after a wrath will be good times.


Peace and Quiet, Swans of Bryn Argoll, Reality Strobe
+ Spirit of the Hearth, Patron of the Moon, Sensei’s Divning Top

Basically took out a whole lot of cute stuff for actual good cards. I’ve drawn Peace and Quiet once and never cast it. Swans are really only good if I can damage it somehow, which this deck simply can’t do. I may put the Swans in Zedruu, as a donation target. Patron combos with Meloku and Emeria Angel, as well as accelerating me if I get a little too much land in my hand. Unlike Mayael, Isperia cares very much about the top three cards, so SDT fits much better in here.


Loaming Shaman, Fertilid, Aquastrand Spider
+ Ulamog’s Crusher, Hand of Emrakul, Great Whale

Less sure on these ones; Loaming Shaman and Fertilid definitely have their uses and I’ll be watching to see if they’re missed. The two Eldrazi are here as colourless, but not artifact, creatures which can combo with Animar and Cloudstone Curio for arbitrarily large Animar shenanigans. The Great Whale is a “fair” Palinchron (which is also in the deck).

I’ll be testing some of these out at EDH this week; I’ll try and remember to post here about how they did!

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