Decklists: Two-Colour Enemy

Two Colour – Enemy

White-Black: Ghost Council of Orzhova Click here for Decklist

A reasonably standard B/W kill everything and let God sort ’em out deck. It has a bit of a blinking/comes-into-play theme, although that’s usually a sideline. This deck more than any other I have will grind out a late-game win, and it has won far more games than it has lost. Definitely one of my better decks, but I still find it fun to play because it generally does different things every game.

Blue-Red: Nin, the Pain Artist Click here for Decklist

The Nin deck is a nice friendly deck that encourages you (some would say make you, but they’re all dead so you can ignore them) to draw lots of cards, have lots of options, and then kills you dead for DARING TO DRAW CARDS YOU BAD PERSON. Nin is a little schizophrenic – no offense intended – like that. There are basically two kinds of cards in the deck – blue cards that make you draw, and red cards that punish you for doing it.

Black-Green: Savra, Queen of the Golgari Click here for Decklist

Sacrificing things for fun and profit. Still technically a work in progress, this is finished enough that it’s pretty low down on my priority list. I liked forcing Dredge in Ravnica block draft (of course it got worse and worse as the block expanded to include the other guilds) and this deck lets me play Grave Trolls and Gleancrawlers and Svogthos’s’s’s just like it was back in the good ol’ days. Not huge amounts of fun to play against, but I like the “big turns” it can have. Graveyard removal is bad for this deck.

Wantlist: Decaying Soil

Red-White: Razia, Boros Archangel Yeah, screw you Razia. New General: Gisela, Blade of Goldnight (Deck not yet built)

This is going to be a R/W angel deck, with a fair amount of combat zone control (Basandra, Avatar of Slaughter, Master Warcraft, Fight to the Death)

Green-Blue: Edric, Spymaster of Trest (Deck built but no list yet)

As of this writing the most recent deck I have – it’s 100 cards, but there are a number of cards I want that I don’t have that will go into it Real Soon Now. It’s Spy/Rogue/Thief based, with hordes of unblockable weenies and a bunch of card draw. See here for the big list of cards and more about this deck.


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