Damia – BIG pile of cards

22 Nov

Well I’ve finished building Damia… 99 cards and a general. Problem is, only about 10 of the cards are land 🙂

Like I did with the Nin build, I’m turning to you guys for help – what do I cut? What have I missed? What was I thinking? I’ve divided the cards up into categories to help me see what I’ve got – despite already having too many cards in here, I’m actually pretty short on finishers here.

I’m also having a bit of a moral dilemma (of sorts) – I love me a theme deck, and I’ve been pretty vocal about my dislike of “goodstuff” decks that are only there for the general’s colours. This is rapidly turning into a goodstuff deck, mostly because I can’t think of a decent theme. I will definitely be casting Damia early and often, but at the moment it’s to take advantage of filling my hand with goodstuff cards, which to be honest I’m not too comfortable with. Having said that though, there are a lot of cards in here which key off or get better with a full hand, and wouldn’t make your usual goodstuff deck, so maybe I’m ok. What do all y’all think?

Anyway, on to the many many many cards:


Birds of Paradise
Boreal Druid
Coiling Oracle (sometimes)
Dimir Signet
Dreamscape Artist (see also “Better with cards in hand”)
Edge of Autumn
Elves of Deep Shadow
Explosive Vegetation
Golgari Signet
Kodama’s Reach
Llanowar Elves
Magus of the Coffers
Mana Vault
Oracle of Mul Daya
Primeval Titan
Reap and Sow
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Search for Tomorrow (also can be played cheaply)
Simic Signet
Sol Ring
Sylvan Scrying
Wood Elves

Cards that can be played cheaply for big effect

(note on this category, especially in reference to the “traps” – I’m only playing the ones which will be reasonably easy to “trigger” so in 75% of situations I’ll get them for the reduced cost. Suspend guys go in here too, as it counts as playing them cheaply. The reason for cheap cards is so I can play the maximum number each turn for Damia to refill)

Allosaurus Rider
Animate Dead
Avatar of Woe
Baloth Cage Trap
Corpulent Corpse
Death Rattle
Durkwood Baloth
Gastaf Shepherd*
Nantuko Shaman
Phantasmal Image
Scute Mob
Skullbriar, the Walking Grave
Stitch Together
Stitched Drake
Ulvenwald Mystics*
Vigor Mortis
Villagers of Estwald*
Vinelasher Kudzu
Vulturous Zombie

Cards that work better on a Full Hand

Delirium Skeins
Hypergenesis (TOTALLY sick with Sages of the Anima)
Oblivion Crown (to empty my hand)
Psychosis Crawler
Sickening Shoal
Soul Spike
Spitting Image (lots of cards = some lands = retrace)
Trespasser il-Vec (more to empty my hand pre-Damia than anything else if I want to trade my hand in)
Urborg Syphon-Mage
Wild Mongrel

Cards that are useful when not in my hand

This is a hard one to pin down; when you see the cards here you’ll see what I mean; it means I can get them out of my hand (to draw more stuff), but they are still useful afterwards

Coffin Purge (graveyard removal)
Ice Cauldron (can literally store cards from my hand to cast later)
Seal of Doom (creature removal)
Wickerbough Elder (artifact/enchantment removal)


Abundance (really good with Damia)
Black Sun’s Zenith
Bottled Cloister (see below)
Crop Rotation (not ramp, but cheap and can get any land)
Darksteel Plate
Deconstruct (esentially a “free” spell)
Eternal Witness
Falkenrath Noble
Indrik Stomphowler
Krosan Grip
Lightning Greaves
Moonring Mirror (works better when you’re drawing a lot of cards…)
Nezumi Graverobber
Null Profusion (has some neat little synergies with Damia)
Plaxcaster Frogling (the little frog mutant that could)
Rite of Replication (derp derp)
Sages of the Anima (all the creatures!)
Shriekmaw (can be played as Terror)
Syphon Mind
Teferi’s Puzzle Box (“At the beginning of your draw step… 😀 )
Trygon Predator
Vigor Mortis


Barren Moor (card draw late game – I can see having lands stuck in my hand if I draw lots of them with Damia. These let me cash them in for other cards)
Breeding Pool
Command Tower
Dreadship Reef
Drowned Catacomb
Exotic Orchard
Lonely Sandbar
Overgrown Tomb
Temple of the False God
Tranquil Thicket
Twilight Mire
Woodland Cemetery

*The werewolves are an experiment. I literally have no idea how easily they’ll transform, or how easily they’ll transform back. I’m also tempted to run Ludevic’s Test Subject and/or Delver of Secrets, but I’d have to trade for both of them.

Bottled Cloister

One of those potentially disastrous cards… but if I have Cloister and Damia in play at the same time (and stack the triggers properly) I’m guaranteed to draw seven new cards with Damia, get my old hand back, and draw an extra one. The chance seems too good to pass up.

So that’s it so far; by my count it’s 90 cards plus land, so plenty of cutting to do. And I’ve probably missed some obvious things too.

Comment away!

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