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This post is about a game of EDH

Game the second: Doran, the Siege Tower

After the success of the first game I was keen to have another with Doran. We shuffled up and got down to it.

The Decks: Doran, (my) Tolsimir, (my) Ghost Council, Progenitus Tokens

One the first turn, I play Forbidding Watchtower, Tolsimir lays down a Skullclamp but nothing much else goes on. Turn 2 and Ghost Council plays Serra Ascendant, placing himself clearly as Target Number One. On my next turn I Lignify the Ascendant. Next turn I play Doran, then on his turn the Ghost Council player swings into me with the Lignfied Ascendant. I can’t figure out exactly what’s going on – because it’s my deck I know he has no pumping combat tricks – so I block with Doran, and he plays Graceful Reprieve, essentially getting his Ascendant back. Well played sir!

The next turn I plainscycle a Noble Templar to get my Godless Shrine, drop it and activate the Watchtower from turn 1, crashing into Progenitus with Doran and the land, since the 6/6 lifelinking Ascendant is too big for me to handle.Β  Nothing too much of note happens, although Progenitus drops a Perilous Forays (which, by the end of the game has pulled most of the land out of his deck and was in no small part responisble for the result – it’s the first time I’ve seen it working well, and someone should probably have dealt to it before they did).

Turn 6 and I play Indomitable Ancients and Bojuka Bog (exiling Ghost Councils graveyard, as it’s the only deck with any serious graveyard shenanigans) and crack into him, since he’s been attacking with the Ascendant and has a life total in the 50’s. Tolsimir finally joins the game with a Rampaging Baloths (apparently their starting was mostly land), and Progenitus adds a Dauntless Escort to his otherwise creatureless board. On the next turn I draw one of the new additions to the deck – Sword of Light and Shadow. I attempt to equip it to Doran, but Ghost Council has the Swords to Plowshares in response (oh the irony!). Tolsimir draws a bunch of cards the next turn by playing and flashing back Chatter of the Squirrel, and clamping the tokens created, but otherwise doesn’t do anything. Ghost Council adds a Weathered Wayfarer and continues to fly over dealing the damage and gaining the life. Progenitus adds to his board with Symbiotic Wurm and Claws of Gix – bit of a combo there in itself!

Getting into the business end of the game, turn 8 sees me play Spidersilk Armor, equipping the SoLS to my Indomitable Ancients, and neatly bypassing Ghost Council’s defences to gain a bit of life and return… hey, there’s a Noble Templar in my graveyard. That seems… good πŸ™‚ Pro tip:

Sword of Light and Shadow and Noble Templar is happy good times. Also good with (as Thaumaturge points out in my last post) Evoke creatures, Transmute creatures and any cycler – imagine the damage you could do with Sword and Krosan Tusker! drools…

Tolsimir plays a land, getting another beast from Rampaging Baloths, and plays Faith’s Fetters on the still-alive Ascendant. Ghost Council plays his general, and Progenitus adds a Juniper Order Ranger, which rings alarm bells for me.

Turn 9 I play Doran, plainscycle the Templar, crash in to Ghost Council with the Ancients (now for 13!), and return the Templar again. Tolsimir plays her General plus Leyline of the Meek. Ghost Council, apparently not very happy about the pro-versus-his-deck Sword, Corrupts Doran, which I let go to the graveyard. Progentius quietly adds Eldrazi Monument to his board. Hrm.

The next turn, I cast Karador for cheap(ish), then use his ability to recast Doran from my graveyard. I smash into Ghost Council again – because of the Claws of Gix or Perilous Forays, I can’t profitably attack into Progenitus – and return Templar again to my hand. Tolsimir, on 22, casts… Storm Herd, adding 66 power of fliers to the board. The writing seems to be on the wall! Ghost Council plays Pupeteer Clique, grabbing the Symbiotic Wurm in Progenitus’ graveyard, sacrificing it immediately to Ghost Council to get himself some (ground-bound) blockers. Progenitus sacrifices one of his insects to Eldrazi Monument, then casts HIS general.

I have two choices at this point; Solar Tide for creatures power 3+, or Wrath of God. After a bit of deliberation, I choose the Solar Tide, which kills all of Tolsimir’s creatures (the Pegasi are 3/3’s due to Tolsimir and Leyline), Juniper Order Ranger and Progenitus. It leaves a bunch of Insect Tokens, and my Doran but kills my Indomitable Ancients due to the Sword pump. Tolsimir plays Seed Spark, destroying the Monument, and then Regal Force, drawing 3. Ghost Council kills Doran AGAIN, this time with Profane Command. Progenitus plays Vish Kal.

I decide I should have Wrath’ed, and do so, killing off all the other creatures. Vish Kal (and his insect friends) and Ghost Council (and HIS insect friends) have a beetle bottle stack battle, which I think Ghost Council wins in the end, and so comes back into play when I pass the turn, after playing Orchard Warden. Tolsimir, who I believe is on 5 at this point, casts a Soul Warden and Coat of Arms. Progenitus casts Living Hive and Windbrisk Raptor.

Turn 13, and I cast Doran for the fourth time this game – third from the command zone. Tolsimir casts Marshal’s Anthem, kicked twice for Regal Force and Rampaging Baloths. Ghost Council for the second turn in a row does nothing, and Progenitus rewards that by getting in with his Living Hive – making 6 6/6 insects thanks to Tolsimir’s Coat of Arms.He recasts Progenitus, and adds a Necrogenesis.

Next turn I play True Conviction, but I still only have Doran (and almost no cards in hand) so pass the turn without attacking. Tolsimir, looking increasingly dangerous, casts her own Symbiotic Wurm and Perilous Forays. She equips the Skullclamp (from turn 1!) to the Wurm and chucks it into the Perilous Forays. (For those of you keeping track at home; that’s 10 creatures and 10 life from Soul Warden this turn – a Beast from land drop, the Wurm, the seven little wurms, and the extra beast from the Forays land). Ghost Council, thankfully, has a Vindicate for the Coat of Arms before things get too wacky (for wacky, see: Dead). Progenitus plays Aura Shards, and starts taking out all the artifacts and enchantments (starting with my True Conviction, but also extending to the Marshal’s Anthem and Skullclamp) courtesy of his Necrogenesis. He kills off Ghost Council with Progenitus.

I don’t have a whole lot to add – I play a Changeling Hero, gaining some life from the Orchard Warden, then championing the Warden. Tolsimir plays Scatter the Seeds and then Stir the Pride (with entwine), but can’t gain enough life to stop Progenitus from running her over, and he does the same to me shortly thereafter when I fail to draw another kill spell for him (I only had four outs left in my deck – Marble Titan, Crime//Punishment, Decree of Pain and Pernicious Deed, two of which are kinda expensive to get a 10CMC creature)

In the end it was a game well won by Progenitus and thinking back on it, it was the Perilous Forays that really helped him get there. I’ll be keeping an eye on that in later games!

MVP: Sword of Light and Shadow.

LVP: Solidarity. I drew it, but never had a good opportunity to cast it. It’s one of the cards that didn’t make Thaum’s cut for the deck, but I left in until I get all the cards he did suggest. One day it might mean I kill someone when they don’t expect it, but probably not…

Lesson Learned: Given a choice between killing some of them, and killing them all – kill ’em all πŸ˜‰

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And now for something completely different – actual content!

After looking back at the last few (more than few, really) posts I’ve made, I noticed that there isn’t any real content there – there’s a whole bunch of links to decklists, a post about the page I made to link to my decklists, and a couple of posts about changes I’ve made to my decklists.

Frankly, it’s a wonder I still get any hits at all πŸ˜› However, now that I do have all my decklists online and current (sans Edric which is a work in progress) I feel more confident that I’ll be able to manage my decks, and what needs to go in them, as well as giving my devoted followers something to look at when I prattle on about my decks. So without further ado…

Game Report: Doran, the Siege Tower, part 1

The Decks: Karrthus, Doran, and Stonebrow

I really wanted to take my new improved Doran list out for a spin after rebuilding it more or less the way Thaumaturge from The Command Zone redesigned it for me. I’m still after some cards for it, but for now I’ve put in some – what I consider to be – acceptable substitutes. Turn 1 I get my Treefolk Harbinger on, and search up a Temple Garden to the top of my library. On turn 2, Stonebrow lays down Cream of the Crop. I play Battlewand Oak on turn 3. Karrthus adds a Rakdos Pit Dragon on turn 4, while I only have a Spidersilk Armor, and miss my land drop, making my Battlewand a sad panda. Turn 5 is a lot more interesting – Karrthus Naturalize‘s the Cream of the Crop, and sends the Pit Dragon into Stonebrow (who still doesn’t have anything but lands). I draw the perfect land – Overgrown Tomb. It’s a Forest for Battlewand, and a black source with which I can summon Doran, also giving Battlewand another +2. I do so and crack into Karrthus for 12 (3 from Harbinger, 3 + 2 + 2 from Battlewand, +1 each from Spidersilk Armor). Stonebrow finally gets a creature – Oracle of Mul Daya, playing both a Tectonic Edge and Strip Mine. However, the Oracle is short lived – on his next turn Karrthus Lightning Bolts it and plays Painful Quandary, again sending the dragon into Stonebrow as I have Doran to block with. On my turn I only play Eland Umbra on Doran, losing 5 life to the Painful Quandry and crash into Karrthus again for (does some math) 18. That’s some serious damage! Stonebrow lays down a morph (It’s Willbender! Oh, wait…) and we eventually decide that it’s RAkroma. Karrthus plays Kodama’s Reach and attacks me with the Pit Dragon. I untap and kill him (on turn 7!! that’s almost unheard of in our group), and then play Changeling Hero, championing the Harbinger. Stonebrow unmorphs… Hystrodon. Well, that’s not too threatening! Then he plays Bear Umbra on it. Hrm. That’s slightly more threatening.

Unfortunately the game slows down a bit here – Stonebrow doesn’t have very many ways of getting rid of my guys, and I have few ways of getting rid of his. Things and stuff happen (my notes go away for the most part) but he keeps my mana down by Strip Mining my OG Tomb, and Tec-Edging my Orzhov Basilica, which almost cuts me off from black mana altogether. At one point I finally get rid of the Hystrodon (and therefore Bear Umbra) by double blocking with my Changeling Hero and something else, and when the Hero dies, Harbinger comes back into play and I search up Timber Protector. Now all my guys are indestructible, but his guys are HUGE and are trampling over me. It’s looking grim when he drops a Aggravated Assault and has me dead on board next turn. Fortunately for me, I have Pernicious Deed in my hand, and can drop it with 4 mana remaining. I do that, and he swings in with eleventy million worth of damage, and a Vigor in play (he doesn’t swing with Vigor) I almost screw the whole thing up by trying to claim that my Ohran Viper kills his (now massive) creature until he quite rightly points out that the Viper never actually did damage (it’s prevented by Vigor) so it’s destroy ability never triggers. I kill the Aggravated Assault in the end of combat step with the Deed, and enough of my guys survive to kil him on the backswing.

A win! A palpable win!

MVP: Treefolk Harbinger

LVP: Hard to say… I don’t remember drawing any cards I was sad to see. Ohran Viper was slightly disappointing but that’s mostly because it wasn’t protected by Timber Protector, and was interfered with by Vigor.

Coming tomorrow, Doran game report, part 2!


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Game Report (kinda) – Edric, Spymaster of Trest

I threw together what I consider to be an unfinished Edric deck and took it along to the regular Tue night game to see how it did. Surprisingly (to me) it was hanging in there quite well in both games I played – I didn’t win any of them but Edric did very well keeping the heat off me, and attacking with random 1/1 and 2/2’s which are unblockable (common comment: “This has shadow, you have a forest, you have an island, you have an artifact, you don’t have any creatures with defender“) the damage actually adds up pretty quickly, but at the same time your opponents don’t feel too threatened because they know you can’t attack for 20 the next turn. Of all the evasive fatties I posted in the last Edric post the only one I could actually find was Simic Sky Swallower, so I’m a little short on finishers. (I did get a Phyrexian Ingester one game, but I tried to eat a Jareth and he just gave himself pro-blue. I’m such a scrub.)

Typical combat phases went something like the above, then people taking some damage, then I’d go “Draw, Draw, Draw, Draw, Draw, Loot” – it was lots of fun, and I got a lot of positive comments about how the deck stays on theme, but is still good(ish). Hidden Guerrillas got a lot of laughs, and managed to acutally connect once. One card was suggested, and although it probably won’t come up much, I may have to find one just because of the awesome:

I find it HILARIOUS that the printed wording and the Oracle text for this card are almost completely mirror images of each other – cards that simply don’t work as printed and need a rewrite to work under the rules amuse me. The thing with this one, though, is that my creatures (if I’m going the job right) can’t be blocked, and so this wouldn’t really do anything.

The second game in particular needs to be mentioned (because I said I would) – It was Edric, Ayesha Tanaka, (my) Sek’Kuar, Vorosh, the Hunter, and… Gaddock Teeg. I’m not entirely sure what the Ayesha Tanaka deck does, as it was kept in control for most of the game by threats from the other players. I’d like to play against it again to see what it gets up to – some kind of artifact shenanigans, I’m guessing.

Anyway, things are going along normally (except for Vorosh, who is colour screwed for Black mana), until Teeg plays his General and…. Choke, announcing it with a big goofy grin like it’s the funniest play in the world. Here’s the thing, dude: stopping half the table from playing half their deck isn’t funny, it’s dumb and annoying. Thankfully Tanaka has a Disenchant in hand and uses it immediately meaning I get an untap step (I was immediately after Teeg and had something like 4 islands and 2 forests in play). After the game the Teeg player pulls out some cards from his deck: Vorinclex. Stony Silence. And more like them that I can’t remember right now.

Because apparently not letting people play the game is hilarious. Now I don’t mind Gaddock Teeg himself too much – during this game I was sitting on a Spelljack, Predatory Focus, and Jace’s Ingenuity which were dead cards until Teeg died, but I had plenty of creatures and small spells, but at the same time it shut Vorosh down completely – to the point where the player didn’t really get anything going until Teeg died – and had a pretty big effect on Tanaka as well. I think Teeg shuts down a lot of the more degenerate things you can do in EDH, which is fine and perfectly fair way of inflicting a bit of disruption in colours that otherwise don’t get too much of it, but as part of a whole deck that aims to stop the other players from participating in the game, he’s a dick.

Anyway, as the game rolled on Edric did his thing, and the damage started flying around. I was trying to share the damage around as much as possible – in part because the landwalkers I had determined who I could attack, and in part because I wanted to keep my profile lower so I could see more of my deck, and see how it would run. In the end I think it was Sek’ that took the game out (although to be honest I can’t remember).

Teeg was the first to die. Which brings me to my other point: If you’re going to play a deck that no one likes, you can expect to be the first out, every game. So why build it?

Answers on a postcard πŸ˜‰


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Bonus Monday Content: The Game

A group of us went down to the local on Friday night (shout out to Aargon Games in Dunedin, yo! Yeah OK, I’ll lay off the fake bro/homey vibe there) to play some EDH while Sam was in town. First game I played was my Animar versus Sharuum versus Chorus of the Conclave… short version of that game was Sharuum won after a fairly large Open the Vaults when Sharuum had a Cranial Plating equipped and we were all out of flying blockers. Was a good, laid back game though, and Animar got to do some crazy stuff with Palinchron (without bouncing it), Great Whale, and bouncing my own Riftwing Cloudskate with Crystal Shard to repeatedly keep Scourglass off the table πŸ™‚

The second game was much more memorable, though. It was a five-way free for all, with the same three players as game 1, plus Sam, and another guy who will remain anonymous for reasons which will soon become apparent….

I was playing Sek’Kuar, Sam was playing Damia, Oscar (I think his name was Oscar, someone correct me if I’m wrong!) was playing Kresh, Sam (not that Sam) played Zedruu, and Other Guy was playing Riku. It was all fun and games, and killing stuff and swinging with stuff and so until Other Guy went

Walk the Aeons
(next turn) Get the Walk the Aeons back with something (can’t remember what), Walk the Aeons
(next turn) Beacon of Tomorrows
(next turn) Warp World

Fun ….. Thankfully Riku wasn’t in play for any of that! Somehow I managed to hit 15 out of 16 permanents, including all my colours; poor Zedruu got screwed on white, but had a Shield Sphere in play, which eventually killed him… but not before something HIGHLARIOUS (yes I spelt it like that on purpose) happened, which I shall detail in due course. Damia got very little land, but all colours, Kresh was down to about 6 or 7 permanents, and Riku had a bunch of stuff, including Djinn of Wishes. One of the permanents I got was Kessig Cagebreakers and they actually lived long enough to swing not once but twice giving me 14 wolf tokens to feed to my Scarland Thrinax if and when I needed to.

A turn or two later, Damia has a reasonably massive Lord of Extinction, and swings it and some friends into Riku. He Brainstorms putting cards on top, then activates Djinn of Wishes twice getting…

Magmatic Force (fine)
Blightsteel Colossus (What. The. Fuck.)

A couple of turns later (maybe 1) he activates the last counter on the Djinn….. and hits Phyrexian Metamorph, copying Blightsteel. Sigh…

Begin the scrambling! After the dust settles, Zedruu, he of the white mana screw, has a singular Goat token courtesy of Springjack Pasture. He also handily has a Curse of Echoes courtesy of Riku… he sacrifices the Goat to add W, and casts Path to Exile. Much hilarity ensues, as four out of five of us target Riku’s stuff (Blightsteel, Metamorph. Magmatic Force, and I can’t remember what else). Riku gets knocked out a few turns later and still can’t figure out why (apparently). Zedruu, STILL short of white mana, goes shortly after, and that leaves me, Damia and Kresh, all on single figure life totals. Damia counts his mana, and thanks to a Empty the Catacombs from Kresh, is able to cast Kira, Psychosis Crawler, and Minds Aglow for exactly enough to kill me and leave Kresh on 2. Kresh dies next turn and Sam takes out the game.

The comment was made – not by me this time! – that the Riku deck had everything you don’t want to play against – multiple extra turns, random effects, infect…. But in spite of that this game was a blast to play against 3 really cool opponents and one not so cool one. Aside from his deck, he made several play errors, and was constantly losing track of what was in play – in particular Sam’s Kira, which eventually we just stopped reminding him about and let his abilities get countered. Still, I think everyone had a good game and it was very close at the end.

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Game Reports: Blech

(Decks I’m playing in italics)

Game 1:

Karn, Glissa and Merieke vs Kaalia

I scoop in response to my fourth creature getting killed/taken control of before I can swing with it. That game goes another hour and apparently it’s my fault because they don’t have their own creatures to use

Game 2:

Isperia, Tolsimir, Sliver Legion (5 colour angels)

I pull out Isperia one last time before it gets ripped apart and rebuilt (see General Damage Control). Isperia actually pulls out the win, but not before all three decks get into a horrible creature stall. Pride of the Clouds is a 24/24, and that’s after the angel deck is taken out of the game!

Game 3:

Nin, Child of Alara (5-colour tokens), Jaya Ballard

Nin gets turn 2 Kami of the Crescent Moon. 12 turns, 24 spells and 6 FREAKING LAND later, I die.


I hate EDH…..


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Game Report: Damia, Sage of Stone (again)

Pulled out Damia this week; I was convinced that it was better than the last few runs have suggested, and it was on a par – or thereabouts – with the decks I was playing against. It did much better this time, but there are still cards that need to come out when I have the time to make the changes (HA!)

The Table: Axelrod Gunnarsson, Geth, Damia, Mayael

(for once I was the only one playing one of my decks!)

I get off to a fast start with Forest, Mana Vault which draws some groans from the table, and fair enough. Axelrod lays down a Withered Wretch turn 2, and Geth a Zombie Infestation. My turn two is Cultivate, play a Swamp, Nezumi Graverobber, and Mayael plays Druid of the Anima. Turn 3 doesn’t actually bring a lot (I leave the Mana Crypt tapped) – I attempt to Regrowth the Cultivate but the Wretch very sensibly removes it, and then gets rid of Geth’s graveyard (after a zombie token from the Infestation). I let the first trigger resolve, then take his last card with my Graverobber, letting it flip. Of course, it’s not going to steal anything while that Wretch is in play….

Nothing of real note happened on turn 4, except Mayael tried to play Realm Razer, before we told them that it costs 6 and put it back in your hand, please…. Axelrod assures us that he can handle it, and keeps mana open to do so if it ever hits (pro tip: Float mana in response to the ability, let the ability resolve, THEN kill it. If you kill it with the ability on the stack, well you just Armageddoned…)

In the meantime Geth has been stuck on 2-3 land, so we’ve been leaving him alone. I’ve been beating on Mayael and Axelrod with the Graverobber and a 3/3 Wickerbough Elder. Mayel lays down a Rage Reflection but has no creatures out, so that hangs around for a bit, but eventually I pop it with the Wickerbough to increase it’s power.

On turn 6, I cast Damia, with 3 cards remaining in my hand. It survives the turn, and I draw into Thought Gorger. “Why not?” I ask myself, and drop Teferi’s Puzzle Box and the Gorger, discarding my hand and getting 5 +1/+1 counters on it. Somehow Damia lives AGAIN and I draw seven. I send Damia at Mayael (who by this stage has Mayael and the the Druid, but nothing else, Wickerbough Elder at Axelrod (no creatures, or maybe still the Wretch), and the 7/7 trampling Gorger at Geth, who only has a Sanguine Guard (and cards in hand to make Zombies with) to block with. The Guard blocks the Gorger and Regenerates, then Axelrod Comet Storms for 5 on the Gorger and the Wickerbough Elder (what actually happened is much more complicated and involved damage, taking back damage, re-blocks, pump spells, damage resolving, going back to first strike damage step…. it was pretty much a mess of “Oh, actually go back to <x> and I’ll do this…. It was messy. I don’t often take back anything I do – if I screw it up, I screw it up. But this is social, right?). Meanwhile Mayael pumps Mayeal with something random, giving it +2/+2 which is enough to kill off Damia, while Damia’s Deathtouch kills of Mayael. My next note is

Dreamscape, STE, WElves – Yay Mana

Which is something I do need to change about this deck – too much mana ramp and not enough to do with it. All that is negated by an Earthquake from Axelrod which clears the board of everything except that damn Sanguine Guard of Geths. I replay Damia, and drop another card I’ve been waiting to play – Moonring Mirror. Damia lives again, and I draw 5 cards, putting 5 cards under the Mirror. Next turn, I put the Mirror’s ability on the stack, then Damia’s – Damia’s resolves, drawing my hand up to 7, which puts more cards under the Mirror, then the Mirror exiles my “new” hand and I get 12 cards from under it. Worth the wait, although there are hoops I have to jump through, to be sure. Things like that get my Johnny sense tingling πŸ™‚

At about this time Axelrod drops a Caged Sun (naming black) and a Magus of the Coffers. Due to various flukes and politicing, Axelrod and Mayael are both on 14, and Geth and I are both on 17, so he can’t blow everyone out of the game with another Earthquake equivalent, but that much mana is scary. Thankfully Damia + the Mirror has given me plenty of options, and I’m able to Stomphowler the Caged Sun before he gets too ridiculous, although he has access to 20 mana thanks to the Magus. I get a Darksteel Plate onto Damia, and then Genesis Wave for 15. After the dust clears (I wave into Oracle of Mul Daya and Null Profusion, along with 6 or so lands – it’s a good turn) my board looks like this:

(excuse the poor quality – bad camera phone + bad lighting). Highlights include:

I am now down to 13 life. Remember that 20 mana Axelrod has? He plays a land, and declares “I can draw the game here” – he has Crypt Rats in play and everyone would die. We convince him this is a LAME way to finish the game, so he thinks for a second, and does this instead: Red Sun’s Zenith me for 13 (exactsies! And before I can get a post-Wave turn) and then Crypt Rats for 7, wiping the board and leaving himself and Mayael on 1, and Geth on 3 (ish). Geth recovers faster than the others, and takes down the rest of the table. (Axelrod could have won, if he had activate the Rats for 6 instead, leaving him on 2, but I forget how it would have made a difference. Something about surviving Geth’s Leechridden Swamp and then burning him out, or something…)

MVP: Damia. No question this time, she did her job beautifully. Non-General MVP: I’m gonna give this one to Teferi’s Puzzle Box. More than once I heard “I could have dealt with that with my LAST hand”

LVP: Too many mana dorks. It’s been said before, but I need to replace them with business spells. At least Llanowar Elves, Dreamscape Artist, Elves of Deep Shadow and Birds of Paradise need to go. They just don’t do enough, even in the early game. Dishonourable mention to Living End, which was going to make me sacrifice my Indestructible Damia and return said Mana Dorks to play (of course I just should have not suspended the damn thing in the first place, so that one’s on me)

“You’re playing WHAT?!” Award: To Geth, for getting the beats on with…. SEVERED LEGION. Good work, dude πŸ˜€

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Game Report: Sek’Kuar times 2

I played a couple of really quite interesting games last night, using my new Sek’Kuar deck (see previous post for details on the deck). To the report!

Game1: Stonebrow, (my) Omnath, Sek’Kuar, Thraximundar

The Stonebrow and Omnath decks were being piloted by a couple of new(ish) players, so I thought that Thrax, which was being run by Sam (hi Sam!) would be the big threat. Boy was I wrong… I actually stopped taking notes for this game about 6 turns in as I thought the game was over by that point. Again, I was wrong!

The first few turns for the non-Omnath players were fairly tame, but Omnath’s line of play went something like:

Ouch. Luckily for me I had a Terminate in my hand and enough blockers (due to Mogg War Marshal and Bloodthrone Vampire) that the Omnath wasn’t going to kill me. Also luckily, I killed Omnath on my turn, then Stonebrow played Wheel of Fortune to make Omnath discard the Rancor… however in response to the Wheel of Fate Omnath played Chord of Calling for… Rofellos. Oh crap…

Then replay Omnath, play Asceticism (to which I respond with Wrecking Ball), replay Omnath AGAIN before the mana runs out (now under Asceticism). OH CRAP… Thankfully he didn’t have trample at this stage. Eventually (and I may be remembering this in the wrong order) these things happened:

  • Asceticism gets killed by a Wickerbough Elder
  • Omnath gets to 45/45 (still without trample) and gets killed by something. Response: Momentous Fall. OH DOUBLE CRAP. Gain 45, draw 45 cards? Sure.
  • Play and equip Shield of Kaldra. OH TRIPLE CRAP. Neither Stonebrow nor myself can get rid of Omnath now (slim chance that I can make the player sacrifice it, but there are plenty of other creatures to go through first and my Grave Pact is in the graveyard due to the Wheel of Fate)
  • Stonebrow gets a Mana-Charged Dragon going and using mana from both of us, get Omnath down to 28 life.
  • By this stage Omnath is truly ridiculous; it’s generating ~20 mana per turn, and the big lug – still without trample – is in the hundreds
  • Omnath plays Patron of the freakin’ Orochi.
  • Omnath Genesis Waves for 20 (leaving three cards in their library) and hits three different ways to give it trample (O-Naginata, Roughshod Mentor and Horned Helm) and MARK OF SAKIKO. The writing is on the wall. Since the Dragon can kill Omnath on the next swing, Omnath swings in and kills the HELL out of Stonebrow, incidentally making Omanth a 428/425 Trampling Indesctructible Death Machine of Death.

It’s my last turn. I have Sek’Kuar, two War Marshal tokens, Fires of Yavimaya, Wickerbough Elder (used) and two Graveborn tokens in play, and Hellkite Hatchling and Natural Affinity in my hand. “All in!” I declare, casting Natural Affinity and then the Hatchling, devouring all of my non-token creatures (which now includes my lands). The end result is a 16/16 Hellkite, 17 Graveborn tokens, Sek, and two Gobbos. Unfortunately for me, the Natural Affinity gives Omnath enough lands to block with and he drops to 12, and then kills me extremely dead.

All in all this turned out to be a very enjoyable game, although not I imagine for Sam who got knocked out early and then had to watch while the remaining two of us managed to stall out the game for a while (although he did kick off another game before we finished).

Lessons Learned: Needs more ways to deal with artifacts, and more global removal (which I’m trying to get in)

MVP: Natural Affinity + Hellkite Hatchling making me a big tramply flier and 15 Graveborn tokens at the low low cost of sacrificing my lands πŸ™‚ Good endgame plan πŸ™‚

LVP: Don’t recall… I don’t remember being disappointed by anything I drew, but it was a weird game in which I was on the defensive pretty much the whole time.

Game 2: Emperor EDH

Team 1: Sisay, Damia and Momir Vig

Team 2: (my) Tolsimir, Sek’Kuar, Akroma White

We all picked our decks and then assigned team members randomly; the Captain Sisay and Damia decks are both very good, and as you’ll see the Momir deck is no slouch either. The Akroma deck is a good one but takes some time to get set up, and my Tolsimir deck is wildly variable, at the best of times. To the game!

Not too much happens early except Momir gets Thrummingbird plus Orochi Hatchery out early, and starts swinging into Akroma, proliferating the token(s) on the Hatchery. I put an end to those shenanigans by evoking Shriekmaw and killing the bird. Damia drops Bad Sygg, which starts getting him cards almost immediately when Momir attacks Akroma with a Coiling Oracle and two Snake tokens.

Sisay drops an Azusa and an extra land, but Akroma resets the board (something it is very good at) with an Akroma’s Vengeance. I gain 15 life off Deathgreeter. Go team! After the wrath, Sisay drops a Sun Titan, which gets a Loxodon Warhammer into play. Damia plays Keiga, and I drop a Gleancrawler. Not being able to attack from the General’s position is not good for my deck; it loves the red zone!

Next turn Damia plays Psychosis Crawler and then Forsee (ouch) then Momir plays his general and Forgotten Ancient. Tolsimir plays a Marshal’s Anthem, kicked once, to get Rampaging Baloths back into play.

After that Momir starts playing Mystic Snakes and Draining Whelks, and that pretty much wraps up the game. I think by the end of the game (Momir, in conjuction with two Psychosis Crawlers (a Dimir Doppelganger and a Spitting Image) kills off Akroma and then get to work on me) Momir has cast Draining Whelk three times and Mystic Snake twice… isn’t this supposed to be Elder Dragon Highlander??

I have one last big turn after a Minds Aglow where I have Insurrection in my hand, but Momir has Draining Whelk in his. I try and draw out the Whelk while still having enough mana for Insurrection, but can’t do it, and die to Minds Aglow again in Damia’s next turn.

Not such a great game, the deck didn’t really fire like it can. Also (pet peeve) I don’t particularly enjoy games where the same cards get cast again… why have a 100 card deck if you’re just going to cast the same spells? It’s not a big deal though and there were any number of ways that I would have died.

Lessons Learned: Need more graveyard removal. Don’t play this deck as an Emperor.

MVP: None. Maybe Deathgreeter πŸ˜‰

LVP: The deck may need another land or two; I was stuck on 4 for a couple of turns.


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