Small update

30 Oct

So, I’m in the middle of typing my next epic masterpiece (Transforming Nin into Nekusar) and I realise my links to me decklists in the pages up on the top right of this site link to an OLD version of deckstats, and therefore old versions of my decks – and that the “new” version of my deck on deckstats isn’t up to date either…

Looks like I have some updating to do. Feel free to have a look at those decklists as a general guideline (the decks haven’t changed that much) but let’s consider them guidelines rather than the actual contents of the decks.

In other news the post I’m working on is turning into a bit of a monster – I’ll post it when it’s ready but that may not be for a couple more days yet… stay tuned, gentle reader!

-Stan. Uh, I mean, Matt.

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Posted by on October 30, 2013 in EDH/Commander


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