Getting back on the EDH Bandwagon

29 Oct

Hi folks,

That’s right, it’s me! After a somewhat long hiatus, I’ve decided that it’s time I started my particular brand of whining on the internet again. This here post here is going to be a mishmash of stuff I’ve nearly posted but haven’t, after which I’m gonna try my best to get more content out there. After all, my voice is important, right? Of course it is. So without further ado, on to the Wisdom!

Return To Ravnica: Pre-Release

I loved me some Ravnica block. It was the first successful block that was released while I was running my game store (I opened during Fifth Dawn. Then came Kamigawa Block. Ugh…) As a result I have a real soft spot for Ravnica, and have resolved (and so far, succeeded!) to participate in every draft I can, just like the good ol’ days. However, that’s getting ahead of myself a bit. First, there was the pre-re! I signed up for all 5 pods that our LGS had set up; the first kicked off at midnight on the Fri night, so given our timezone (GMT +13, in New Zealand) it was entirely possible that we were one of the first people in the world to (legally) crack into the cardboard. Can I just say here that the “guild booster” was an inspired idea, and one that worked pretty awesomely well all weekend (apart from that one time when I was Selesnya, and… well.. it’s the worst pool I’ve ever opened. But it happens). I was randomly assigned guilds, but got all 5 over the weekend.

My first guild was Rakdos. And boy did it smash face! I went 3-1 (all our pods were 4 rounds, in order to save a bit on time) and the match I lost was against another Rakdos player. I kid you not, this was how Game 1 went:

And this was game 2:

Smashed ’em bro!

Ah well. Over the course of the weekend I went 3-1 (Rakdos), 1-3 (Selesnya, with the worst pool you… ah never mind), 3-1 (Golgari), 1-3 (Azorious), 2-2 (Izzet). My Azorious deck was fragile but conditionally good, while my Izzet pool could have been explosive but instead resolved to colour screw me. What really annoyed me was in my 36-odd packs I got one Shockland (my fifth Steam Vents) and no Guild Legends at all. (Obligatory sob story: I’m opening my Izzet box, and the guy across the table from me – who got the very next Izzet box – goes “Hey! Foil Overgrown Tomb! And Steam Vents in the same pack! And oh hey, Hallowed Fountain in this one!” FML….)

All in all I had a blast at this event, and will be doing the same come Gatecrash. Come on, Simic!!!

Return to Ravnica: Draft

With two drafts in the books, how’m I doing? Well, I 0-3’d the first one with what I thought was a fairly solid G/B/w deck… although I opened a Jace in Pack 3, so not complaining too hard. Then I went 2-1 in the second with a very solid G/B deck, which people kept gifting me cards for. I got a Golgari Guildgate LAST PICK in pack two. That’s not right, right? I really want to pick up some other cards, but people keep passing these Golgari things to me. Everyone’s in love with U/W skies or U/R Burn or G/W populate it seems. Having a bunch of 2/2’s isn’t that bad people. Oh and a pro-tip – the 3/4 Hexproof Rhino guys are REALLY good if you have a lot of scavenge 😉

EDH Bannings

(Yep, it really has been that long since I’ve posted…)

– Worldfire: Can’t get behind this one quickly enough. If this is what WotC think Commander players want, they are waaaay out of touch (see next rant…) I’m glad the RC jumped on this one. Nothing says anti-social like “I don’t give a flying f**k what’s happened so far. I’m gonna nuke you all back to the stone age.”

Primeval Titan: OK so I can see why they did it, but I’m not sure the combination of ubiquity + power was enough to actually bring the hammer down on this guy. Sure, in our playgroup we don’t abuse him as much as we can, but even for those who do, the argument “the game revolved around him” doesn’t really hold any water for me. I only got my hands on three of these (they were in Damia, Animar, and Mayael) so I’m not too disappointed but I don’t think it deserved the banhammer. Ah well.

+ Kokusho, the Evening Star: Love it. Love everything about it. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. I ordered a couple before the announcement hoping Koko was going to come off the list. Huzzah! The reasons why Kokusho deserved to come off the list have long been debated everywhere so I won’t go through it again, but I will sum up with: Other creatures have caught up. Not as format defining as she was previously. (She? Really? How do you tell?)

So now they just need to unban Protean Hulk, and I’ll be happy. (Yes, combo. Yes, broken. They unbanned Worldgorger Dragon, and it’s not exactly causing any problems.)

Commander: Arsenal (aka The Arse)

Hoo boy. After my last post on this subject (see here), and several other people adding their much better formed arguments (samples here, here, and here), and pretty much everywhere that talks about EDH (especially mtgcommander and mtgsalvation) I don’t think there’s a lot to say about this one. It’s a huge miss, as far as I’m concerned, and the cards in it will simply push the prices up beyond what the average EDH’er can afford. As it turns out, that’s what they were going for; this from Mark Rosewaters blog (Now called BlogAtog, previously Tales from The Pit):

sentancedtosaturnus asked: What was it about the original Commander Pre-Cons that made you (I know it wasn’t you) decide that a “luxury product” was a good follow up? Usually when a car dealership sells out of a affordable mid-sized sedan, they don’t respond by ordering Luxury car. I have faith in Wizards and I know there has to be better reasoning than that in the case of Commanders Arsenal. Was there some need to use an all-foil product due to printing arrangements or something else that we don’t know?

Commander came out last year. It was a huge success. We realized it should be something we do every year, but due to our lead times the quickest we could get it out was 2013. So we decided to make a smaller product that could be made much quicker.

Due to the much shortened lead time, we made a product capable of being made in the time allotted. That product couldn’t have a lot of cards which greatly limited our options. We made a list of items that we could make and a luxury items for high-end Commander players who like to “bling” out their deck was picked.

I understand that a lot of Commander players want more cards for Commander. We’re making that product – as something annual even – but that’s not what Commander’s Arsenal is. The product you want is coming out just not until next year.

Here’s hoping next year’s product is the same price as the original pre-cons (or close), and at a much, MUCH higher print run…

In the interests of full disclosure; I am currently on the waiting list for one of these; mostly because it does have cards I want, and also (and most importantly) our very FLGS is selling it for retail (well, NZ retail) prices. That doesn’t make the product any better, and it’s still a significant (but obviously cost-effective) outlay for me that will curtail my Magic budget for quite some time.

Deck Updates

I have not been sitting idly by these last few weeks  – most of my decks have been through a little rebuilding process, especially considering the release of Return to Ravnica. (Although having said that, my Nin, Tolsimir and Isperia decks haven’t picked much up. Savra got a bunch of new cards though – 12 in all – and that’s without the Jarad that I haven’t manage to trade for yet). When I run out of things to complain about – which probably won’t be for a while – I’ll run through a detailed analysis of one of my decks. This is where you (the four of you that still read this) come in – there’s a poll! Vote for which one of my decks you’d like to know more about. I’ve limited the options somewhat, as the decks below are the ones I want to talk about 😉 ) So without further mucking around – if I were to talk about a deck, which one would you like to hear about?

Welp, that’s all from me for now – I’ll be back (this time I mean it….)

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  1. Sam

    October 31, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    Finally! Also made a Radha. Need to EDH – have not played since last in DUNEDIN!!!ARRGHGH


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