Game Report: Sek’Kuar times 2

04 Jan

I played a couple of really quite interesting games last night, using my new Sek’Kuar deck (see previous post for details on the deck). To the report!

Game1: Stonebrow, (my) Omnath, Sek’Kuar, Thraximundar

The Stonebrow and Omnath decks were being piloted by a couple of new(ish) players, so I thought that Thrax, which was being run by Sam (hi Sam!) would be the big threat. Boy was I wrong… I actually stopped taking notes for this game about 6 turns in as I thought the game was over by that point. Again, I was wrong!

The first few turns for the non-Omnath players were fairly tame, but Omnath’s line of play went something like:

Ouch. Luckily for me I had a Terminate in my hand and enough blockers (due to Mogg War Marshal and Bloodthrone Vampire) that the Omnath wasn’t going to kill me. Also luckily, I killed Omnath on my turn, then Stonebrow played Wheel of Fortune to make Omnath discard the Rancor… however in response to the Wheel of Fate Omnath played Chord of Calling for… Rofellos. Oh crap…

Then replay Omnath, play Asceticism (to which I respond with Wrecking Ball), replay Omnath AGAIN before the mana runs out (now under Asceticism). OH CRAP… Thankfully he didn’t have trample at this stage. Eventually (and I may be remembering this in the wrong order) these things happened:

  • Asceticism gets killed by a Wickerbough Elder
  • Omnath gets to 45/45 (still without trample) and gets killed by something. Response: Momentous Fall. OH DOUBLE CRAP. Gain 45, draw 45 cards? Sure.
  • Play and equip Shield of Kaldra. OH TRIPLE CRAP. Neither Stonebrow nor myself can get rid of Omnath now (slim chance that I can make the player sacrifice it, but there are plenty of other creatures to go through first and my Grave Pact is in the graveyard due to the Wheel of Fate)
  • Stonebrow gets a Mana-Charged Dragon going and using mana from both of us, get Omnath down to 28 life.
  • By this stage Omnath is truly ridiculous; it’s generating ~20 mana per turn, and the big lug – still without trample – is in the hundreds
  • Omnath plays Patron of the freakin’ Orochi.
  • Omnath Genesis Waves for 20 (leaving three cards in their library) and hits three different ways to give it trample (O-Naginata, Roughshod Mentor and Horned Helm) and MARK OF SAKIKO. The writing is on the wall. Since the Dragon can kill Omnath on the next swing, Omnath swings in and kills the HELL out of Stonebrow, incidentally making Omanth a 428/425 Trampling Indesctructible Death Machine of Death.

It’s my last turn. I have Sek’Kuar, two War Marshal tokens, Fires of Yavimaya, Wickerbough Elder (used) and two Graveborn tokens in play, and Hellkite Hatchling and Natural Affinity in my hand. “All in!” I declare, casting Natural Affinity and then the Hatchling, devouring all of my non-token creatures (which now includes my lands). The end result is a 16/16 Hellkite, 17 Graveborn tokens, Sek, and two Gobbos. Unfortunately for me, the Natural Affinity gives Omnath enough lands to block with and he drops to 12, and then kills me extremely dead.

All in all this turned out to be a very enjoyable game, although not I imagine for Sam who got knocked out early and then had to watch while the remaining two of us managed to stall out the game for a while (although he did kick off another game before we finished).

Lessons Learned: Needs more ways to deal with artifacts, and more global removal (which I’m trying to get in)

MVP: Natural Affinity + Hellkite Hatchling making me a big tramply flier and 15 Graveborn tokens at the low low cost of sacrificing my lands 🙂 Good endgame plan 🙂

LVP: Don’t recall… I don’t remember being disappointed by anything I drew, but it was a weird game in which I was on the defensive pretty much the whole time.

Game 2: Emperor EDH

Team 1: Sisay, Damia and Momir Vig

Team 2: (my) Tolsimir, Sek’Kuar, Akroma White

We all picked our decks and then assigned team members randomly; the Captain Sisay and Damia decks are both very good, and as you’ll see the Momir deck is no slouch either. The Akroma deck is a good one but takes some time to get set up, and my Tolsimir deck is wildly variable, at the best of times. To the game!

Not too much happens early except Momir gets Thrummingbird plus Orochi Hatchery out early, and starts swinging into Akroma, proliferating the token(s) on the Hatchery. I put an end to those shenanigans by evoking Shriekmaw and killing the bird. Damia drops Bad Sygg, which starts getting him cards almost immediately when Momir attacks Akroma with a Coiling Oracle and two Snake tokens.

Sisay drops an Azusa and an extra land, but Akroma resets the board (something it is very good at) with an Akroma’s Vengeance. I gain 15 life off Deathgreeter. Go team! After the wrath, Sisay drops a Sun Titan, which gets a Loxodon Warhammer into play. Damia plays Keiga, and I drop a Gleancrawler. Not being able to attack from the General’s position is not good for my deck; it loves the red zone!

Next turn Damia plays Psychosis Crawler and then Forsee (ouch) then Momir plays his general and Forgotten Ancient. Tolsimir plays a Marshal’s Anthem, kicked once, to get Rampaging Baloths back into play.

After that Momir starts playing Mystic Snakes and Draining Whelks, and that pretty much wraps up the game. I think by the end of the game (Momir, in conjuction with two Psychosis Crawlers (a Dimir Doppelganger and a Spitting Image) kills off Akroma and then get to work on me) Momir has cast Draining Whelk three times and Mystic Snake twice… isn’t this supposed to be Elder Dragon Highlander??

I have one last big turn after a Minds Aglow where I have Insurrection in my hand, but Momir has Draining Whelk in his. I try and draw out the Whelk while still having enough mana for Insurrection, but can’t do it, and die to Minds Aglow again in Damia’s next turn.

Not such a great game, the deck didn’t really fire like it can. Also (pet peeve) I don’t particularly enjoy games where the same cards get cast again… why have a 100 card deck if you’re just going to cast the same spells? It’s not a big deal though and there were any number of ways that I would have died.

Lessons Learned: Need more graveyard removal. Don’t play this deck as an Emperor.

MVP: None. Maybe Deathgreeter 😉

LVP: The deck may need another land or two; I was stuck on 4 for a couple of turns.


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3 responses to “Game Report: Sek’Kuar times 2

  1. Thaumaturge

    January 5, 2012 at 4:29 am

    “Omnath gets to 45/45 (still without trample) and gets killed by something. Response: Momentous Fall. OH DOUBLE CRAP. Gain 45, draw 45 cards? Sure.”

    Uh, best Momentous Fall ever! Amazing.

  2. Sam

    January 5, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Yer was a bit underwhelming a game for me tbh but thats to be expected. By its very nature Omnath is a ‘prison rules’ kinda deck. It encourages people to be ruthless and kill people very early. Cant fault someone for playing the deck the way its meant to be played. (Though was a little disappointed the ganging up on the “threat” happened after I was dead).

    Its an interesting point about replaying spells. Recursion is such a core part of EDH strategy, and if you look at Jocks decks they always have a lot of ways to destroy graveyards which I guess is one answer. I would look to a points based game where you lose points for playing the same spell more than twice..or once even.

    • Viperion

      January 5, 2012 at 9:59 am

      Yeah unfortunately the ganging up pretty much consisted of us playing as much removal as we could find, and then pumping the dragon, all of which happened after you were dead (I did have the Terminate in hand when you died but not the mana to use it).

      Replaying spells: I’ll have to start putting more GY hate in my decks, as much as I don’t like playing the same damn cards in every deck. I only have one Scavenging Ooze, Withered Wretch doesn’t go in every deck, so I guess I’ll just have to put Relics and Crypts and Spellbombs (in black decks) in every deck I make.

      Very good points about point-based games and in fact DJ over on General Damage Control posted about that very thing a couple of days ago. Do you think the rest of the group would go for it? I certainly am keen to give it a try.


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