New Year’s Resolutions

01 Jan

As threatened, I’ve decided to make a couple of New Years Resolutions as far as this here blog here is concerned. I’m going to model the “new” schedule quite closely on the format of DJ Catchem’s “General Damage Control“, and try to make at least two decent sized posts per week.

On each Wednesday, I aim to publish a game report from the games I’ve played in the previous night (our group meets every Tuesday, occasionally more often).

On each Sunday I’ll be publishing on a more generic subject – it may be a piece of tech I’ve discovered, or a decklist and strategy notes on one of my decks (built, or building), or something on a topic that’s been getting some attention such as Mass Land Destruction, General Damage, Douchebaggery, or any topic that grabs me fancy.

We’ll see how long these resolutions last (like any other Resolution I give them two weeks or so 😛 ) but hopefully I’ll be posting at least that often, or more if the Muse strikes.

Stay tuned, gentle reader!


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Posted by on January 1, 2012 in EDH/Commander



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