Game Report: Garza Zol (again)

16 Nov

Made some small changes to the deck before taking it out for a whirl, since I was short on blue sources last time out:

-1 Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep
-1 Forgotten Cave
-1 Altar’s Reap

+1 Halimar Depths
+1 Vivid Creek
+1 Urge to Feed

Ended up being a 6 person free-for-all – I was quite enjoying it, but I think most folks got sick of this one before the end, as you’ll see later on.

The Table:
Intet, (my) Nin, Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Garza Zol, (my) Tolsimir, (my) Jaya Ballard

Intet: Land, go
Land, Sol Ring, Signet, go.
Rest of Table: Oh shit….
Me: How come I never get that start with my own decks!

As it turned out, Nin didn’t actually have a whole lot to do, and his turn two, with 5 mana (another land) was Kami of the Crescent Moon and Darksteel Myr. The Kami of the Big Buttcrack keeps everyone with full hands, and most of us end up discarding a few cards – I get a Crystal Ball into play, and I remember keeping a Condescend for something important but then forget to use it on Intet’s Scroll Rack, and instead keep the ultra important, uh, something from Scion (the player to my right) just to get the card out of my hand and scry before I draw my next two cards.

Highlights of the early-mid game:

  • Tolsimir gets an early Suture Priest
  • Jaya gets an early Spellshock
  • Intet gets Scroll Rack
  • Nin gets…. Nin. And by my count, four of the six counters which are in the whole deck, which he uses to counter most of Intet’s stuff.
  • Scion gets…. well it’s a Dragon deck. It doesn’t get much early on
  • I gets a Crystal Ball, and a Bloodlord of Vaasgoth, although that dies before it does anything.
  • Tolsimir discovers a very well hidden combo in Seed the Land and Suture Priest (bwahahaha)
  • Jaya starts throwing her weight around, for some reason latching onto Scion and attacking him with burny burn spells (like Meteor Shower), usually fueled by Mana Geyser. This turns into a bit of theme, for some unknown reason. The spellshock – which lasts for as long as Jaya does!!! – in conjuction with the Suture Priest is keeping everyone’s life down, so pretty much everyone is in the mid-20’s before anything really useful starts happening. Tolsimir is ahead of most people due to the Suture Priest working for him.
  • I gain some life from a Falkenrath Noble, when the inevitable happens and creatures die. For a 2/2 for 4, he’s surprisingly good.
  • Intet sticks a Body Double, choosing the Iona in Scion’s graveyard, naming blue. Luckily for me I only have one blue spell in my hand (Dream Leash), but it shuts Nin down for a while.

Eventually Scion casts Wrath of God, leaving the Spellshock and Seed the Land as the only important permanents remaining. There’s a little jockeying for position, but no one seems willing or able to do anything about the Spellshock, or it’s controller, and so it keeps chip chip chipping away at peoples life totals. I jump into the lead with a Malakir Bloodwitch (more to protect against a Yosei that just hit the table than anything else) which gains me 15 while draining everyone else for 3 (I also had a Viscera Seer and Garza Zol on the table). From that point on everyone starts getting picked off – I’m on close to 40, but Jaya keeps picking on Scion, and to cut a long and not particularly exciting story short, being on three times as much life as everyone else (who are mostly in single digits by now) is enough for me to win the game. Not a particularly satisfying win, but I’ll take it!

MVP: Malakir Bloodwitch
LVP: Crossway Vampire, who I had to discard because I couldn’t find two red sources (obviously still haven’t got the mana right; I think I’ll drop a Swamp and put Shinka back in – it doesn’t come into play tapped, and I have three targets for the First Strike ability)
Close, yet so far away: Crown of Empires in play, Throne of Empires in my hand when the game ended. One day…..


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4 responses to “Game Report: Garza Zol (again)

  1. Sam

    November 17, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Heh so I have eagerly anticipating this game report.

    First – for others – maybe Gene? – who read this, I was playing Scion.

    I thought about this game a bit. Obviously I found this frustrating as I sucked up all but one of the burn spells of the Jaya deck, while having arguably the weakest board position for most of the game (it got better at the end). This was a theme of not just the game, but the night, as a similar thing happened the game before from the same player. However, it was a new player and I therefore I am kinda ok with it even though it is in so many ways the wrong thing to do.

    The Intet player also had a fairly poor game, as he was mana screwed for the first 5-7 turns with only four lands. An attempt on turn 5 I believe to scroll rack in order to get a land was countered by the Nin deck. I am slightly disturbed about the missed countering of his second attempt to scroll rack after regrowthing it and still having four lands, as that seems a pretty harsh play as well given the usual declaration of “prison rules” before going for screw someone play. On the positive, you did counter a … Brion Stoutarm.

    Now, why did that game suck for two and maybe three players? (Because I am pretty sure it did). The above things did play a role. Everyone whinges about being attacked or losing permaments – but if you are ahead or even the same as everyone then you get over it and carry on. When you are behind, its just going to ruin the experience.

    Maybe I played a far too casual a deck for the decks and it was out of its depth. The Tolsmir deck should have got its smash on to either take out another stronger deck, or kill some one who was weak. To my knowledge Chris didnt attack anyone. Nin, well apart from making us draw a lot and counter screwing one player, that deck did very little. The red deck seems to have the ability to screw one player, and thats it. Sure it got everyones life total down, but if some one had actually decided to deal with the deck it had very little right?

    So at the start – three decks behind (Jaya/Intet/Scion with Jaya picking on Scion) and three decks having an ok start (yet two of the ahead decks further shutting down the behind decks). Mid game – one maybe two decks ahead (Tolsmir and Garza Zol maybe?) yet not attacking, four decks doing little (the rest – with Jaya still kicking Scion, and a little semi-grudge weird thing going on between the other two). Late game – at least two, maybe three or four (Chris?) players behind and/or not caring, one still fixated on the same play, and one deck still going ok and winning. Meh.

    Long rambling complain I guess. I really didnt enjoy that game due to a combination of a lot of factors. Immensely unsatisfying when it takes up several hours and you look forward to it all week.

    • Viperion

      November 17, 2011 at 2:31 pm

      I was eagerly awaiting your comments πŸ˜‰

      There was an awful lot of nothing going on for most of that game, on all fronts. While the Seed the Land/Suture Priest thing was kinda funny, it meant that everyone had plenty of chump blocking snakes and so there wasn’t a lot of attacking going on, even from people who did actually have creatures (which was pretty much limited to Tolsimir – I think I had a grand total of six creatures all game, not counting the snake tokens which kept dying).

      I totally agree that Jaya and Nin both were attacking the wrong people – it (I thought pretty clearly) should have been Tolsimir or me, and even more clearly me towards the end of the game when I had 39 life and the next nearest was in the teens…. I’m not really sure what she was thinking to be honest or why she focussed on you so much. I don’t really like telling people that they’re doing it wrong, but I think it was pretty clear that both Jaya and Nin had their blinkers on there.

      As far as what I think each deck possibly “should” have done;

      Jaya should have spread the love around, at least, or not attacked either of the decks that were obviously behind (Intet and Scion). You asked if it could do much about another deck attacking it; it would probably be able to deal with it, but it would have taken the focus off you. I certainly play it a bit differently when I’m piloting it, but again it was a new player and hopefully she’ll learn about it in time.

      Intet did what Intet could have done – he just had bad draws (example: stuck on four land, with his Sylvan Library and Nin’s Kami of the Crescent Moon in play – top four cards, no lands.

      Nin should really have been paying closer attention to what Tolsimir and I were doing. He was focussed way too much on Intet, who as you point out was already behind. I have no idea what he had in his hand – he literally sat on mana for about three turns in a row with Nin and Darksteel Myr on the board, and didn’t use his mana to draw metric ass-tons of cards. Possibly a case of not knowing the deck (it wasn’t his after all).

      You did what you could, and to be honest I wasn’t too happy about countering the Brion, and given the chance probably wouldn’t do so again. You did get going towards the end, but the Spellshock in play had taken too much out of you to do anything amazing. (The Brion would have helped there, simply by being a 4/4 lifelink that you could have run into 1/1 snakes all day long)

      I’m still not particularly happy with the way my deck worked, but I think it was the draws, rather than the build – there are a lot of CMC 1, 2 and 3 creatures in the deck but I got most of the 5’s instead. But in the end just having a creature or two more than everyone else was good enough to get there in the end.

      Tolsimir should have been way more aggressive I think. He had a bunch of 2/2 snakes (Oran-Rief) at one point and could have taken a reasonably big chunk out of someone’s life total, but chose just to sit back and let the Suture Priest and Spellshock do it instead.

      If I were to give out ratings
      Jaya: C- (new player, misassesed the threat but otherwise did OK)
      Intet: B (did what he could with what he had)
      Nin: D (Way too passive, that deck is supposed to accelerate the game, not slow it down)
      Scion: B- (underachieved, but like Intet didn’t get good draws, and was being picked on by Jaya)
      Garza: B (pretty average performance, made some mistakes)
      Tolsimir: C- (Also too passive)

      As for whether your deck is too casual for the decks it was playing against – I don’t think it was, it was just that you weren’t allowed to ever get going, really.

  2. murkymercy

    November 17, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Next week shall be better.

    • Viperion

      November 17, 2011 at 6:34 pm

      Sounds ominous πŸ˜‰


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